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Q: What is the price of Philips Bluetooth home theater in India?

A: This 5.1 bluetooth Philips home theatre price is around 5000 (Last Price Update on 19/1/20 at 11:23). It is the best Philips 5.1 bluetooth home theater system under Rs 5000. The price of this Philips bluetooth home theater system is around ₹5000 in India (Last Price Update on 19/1/20 at 11:23).

Q: Which is the best home theater system in India under 5000?

A: Go for F&D 5.1 Channel 700X Speaker. It is the best home theater system in India under 5000 in our suggestion. This bluetooth audio system with 5 satellite speakers comes with USB, SD card features. It is equipped with a fully functional remote control that lets you adjust settings according to your preference.

Q: What are the features of Philips home theatre?

A: The Philips home theatre features the latest Bluetooth system allowing for seamless connectivity of various devices. Further, it comes with a radio and an inbuilt FM tuner, letting you comfortably tune into and enjoy your favourite radio stations any time of day. Why Pay in Full? Get 0% EMI in 5 Minutes! RCA, MP3 players, USB drives, CD’s, DVDs. 2.

Q: What are the best home theatre speakers under 5000?

A: A classic home theatre under 5000, the F&D F550X speakers include a stylish black cabinet subwoofer and two additional speakers, all sporting an all black finish with multi-colour LED lights. The subwoofer is known for its top-quality bass, and for those bass lovers, a thumping-like effect for your music.