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Q: What are the best double ovens?

A: Runner Up, Best Overall: GE 27” Double Electric Wall Oven Courtesy of Home Depot This 27” model from appliance giant GE is our runner-up for best overall double oven.

Q: How much space do you need for a double oven?

A: If you want a double oven, but don’t have the wall space, this gas range is a great option. You won’t believe what can fit in just 30 inches of space: a five-burner gas range with up to 17,000 BTUs, plus a half oven and a full-size oven that amount to 6.0 cubic feet of cooking space.

Q: How many cubic feet is a 30 inch gas oven?

A: The 30-inch appliance has 6.7 cubic feet of cooking capacity between the two ovens, but offers flexibility. Use the smaller oven for quick heating, and rely on the larger for main courses and big cuts of meat. The cooktop is powered by induction technology, and has two elements that can sync to accommodate a griddle.

Q: What are the different types of ovens?

A: Some models have a smaller, upper oven, paired with a larger, bottom one. Others, such as wall ovens, have two, 5-cubic-foot cavities, which is ideal for entertaining or cooking large meals. A double oven is either powered by electricity or gas. The best fit for your household depends entirely on the layout of your home and personal preferences.