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Q: How much does a microwave oven cost in India?

A: You can get a decent microwave oven for all your basic need with the budget of 5000 rupees. But, many people still have an assumption that microwave ovens are costly and abstain from buying it.

Q: What size microwave do I need for my Kitchen?

A: When you are going for microwave, try to go with at least 1000 watts of power. Small sized microwaves will have 700 watts of power which is fine with the compactly sized microwaves. Having a good power microwave will not consume lots of energy while cooking food but reduce the cooking time considerably.

Q: What is Whirlpool 20L solo microwave oven?

A: The Whirlpool 20L solo microwave oven comes with a big, spacious space of 245mm turntable; you can quickly cook a large quantity of food in one go. Even you can prepare multiple vessels at the same time.

Q: What is the warranty on the Bajaj 1701mt microwave oven?

A: This microwave oven comes with one year on product warranty and three years warranty on the magnetron. The Bajaj 1701MT Solo Microwave Oven is an excellent entry-level microwave oven from brand Bajaj. Offers a spacious space of 17 litres for small families.