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Q: Is the xx-800 the best Nerf gun?

A: The XX-800 is a compact yet high-powered NERF gun that’s best for intense NERF wars. The fast Rival rounds ensure that you can hit your opponents as quickly as you fire too. You should also check out the best NERF rival guns. Pros Of Rival Takedown XX-800

Q: Can you modify the Nerf Rival takedown xx-800?

A: Do not modify darts or blaster. Take on and take down all challengers in Nerf Rival games with the pump-action Nerf Rival Takedown XX-800 blaster. Load this spring-action blaster, pump the priming handle, and press the trigger to fire 1 round. The Takedown XX-800 blaster has an 8-round capacity, so choose your targets and fire 8 rounds in a row.

Q: How many rounds do you put in a Nerf gun?

A: Easy loading: Pull the handle back to open the breech, load 8 darts into the chamber, push the handle forward, and press the trigger to fire 1 round. Move the handle backward and forward to prime the blaster for the next shot. A trigger lock prevents it from firing accidentally. Includes 8 Official Nerf Rival rounds.

Q: How many rounds does the 8 round Nerf Rival Blaster have?

A: 8-ROUND CAPACITY BLASTER WITH 8 ROUNDS — 8-round capacity blaster comes with 8 Official Nerf Rival rounds and fires them 1 at a time with pump-action blasting (no batteries required)