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Q: What is the best Nerf gun in Fortnite?

A: Nerf Guns : Target. 1 NERF HYPER. Outblast & outlast with the revolutionary. Nerf Hyper system. 2 NERF DinoSquad. 3 NERF ELITE. 4 NERF Fortnite. 5 NERF Ultra. More items

Q: What is the average velocity of a Nerf Rival Nerf gun?

A: The standard average velocity of a Nerf Rival blaster is 100 FPS, so the Helios’ velocity rating is just under the average, but just remember that for a “springer” type blaster, typically the stronger it is, the harder it will be to prime (to compress the internal spring enough to operate the blaster).

Q: What do we offer at Nerf gun parties?

A: We offer a variety of packages and games/activities like – Capture the Flag, Civil War, The BOMB, The President, Retreive the Bomb, Speed Nerf, Snatch & Grab and The Predator. So achieve the impossible at Nerf Gun Parties – open 7 days a week Nationwide.

Q: Are Nerf Rival blasters any good?

A: First of all, there are way better blasters in the nerf rival line up. This blaster, the Helios, is a direct successor to the Apollo blaster. It is a 7 round (upgradable to 12) magazine fed, spring powered blaster.