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Q: What is the best DJ mixer under $500?

A: The Xone:23 will easily fit into small setups in the booth, in a music studio, or at home, and is compact yet durable enough to take anywhere. Its small size and easy to use layout makes the Xone:23 one of the best DJ mixers under $500 for beginners.

Q: What is the best analog DJ mixer for beginners?

A: The Citronic Pro-2 MkII is a great analog DJ mixer for DJs who play smaller shows. It would be suitable for DJs who like analog gear as well as for beginners, and it’s definitely one of the best budget DJ mixers as well.

Q: What is x1850 Prime DJ mixer?

A: The X1850 Prime is a digital 4-channel DJ mixer meant to be a centerpiece for creative DJs. Each of its 4 channels have multi-assignable inputs, there is also a 3-band EQ that offers both normal and expressive isolation modes.

Q: What is the XONE 23 DJ mixer?

A: The Xone:23 is a 4-channel DJ mixer that’s packed full of features you’d expect to find in a DJ mixer that’s much more expensive, including a 3-band EQ, VCF filters, and illuminated switches.