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Q: What is the best size mixer grinder to buy?

A: A 750-watt mixer grinder is the best and durable, and its jars are more substantial than the 500-watt mixer grinder but comparatively more expensive than 500-watt mixer grinders. Q2. Which is the most silent mixer grinder?

Q: How to use a mixer grinder to make juice?

A: For a mixer grinder, low to medium RPM works best to make juice. The primary function of the cutting edge pivots at the most astounding RPM interacts typically with the jar of the mixer grinder. So it will be better to work a mixer grinder at medium speeds with a high RPM engine.

Q: What is the most silent stand mixer grinder?

A: The most silent mixer grinder is Butterfly smart mixer grinder, 750 watts, Philips HL7707-00 mixer grinder 750 watts, Philips Viva collection HL7701/00 mixer grinder, Preethi Blue Leaf Diamond mixer grinder, Preethi Zion MG-227 mixer grinder, 750 Watt, etc. Q3. Why are stand mixers so expensive?

Q: What is the best footing Cup for a mixer grinder?

A: Vacuum footing cups: – Vacuum cup is essential and guarantees that the mixer grinder will clutch the kitchen table or any area. This Vacuum footing cup is proper, especially when the jar is loaded fully.