The lives that people around the world leaders are turbulent. Each day, the average person in India needs to deal with multiple duties. Logically, if we work hard, the results are going to be amazing. However, it is not possible to always remain effective if you do not have a quality rest. 

In short terms, people should sleep between 7 and 8 hours per day. The best time for sleeping is between 11 PM and 7 AM. Unfortunately, most people do not respect this type of “rule”. In most cases, the duties that we have in the morning hours do not allow us to do that. 

Our daily schedule is not the only crucial thing that influences our sleeping. People also need to have good quality sleeping equipment. This especially counts when we talk about mattresses. 

Sleeping Surface: Big vs Small


When you look closer, most people prefer to have a larger sleeping surface. Because of that, they decide on purchasing a specific type of sleeping mattress. On the other hand, some people enjoy the smaller sleeping areas more. In that case, twin mattress would be a better choice. Twin matters can also be an addition to a guest room. Fortunately for you, you can easily get familiar with the best twin mattress for adults by visiting SleepStandards. They carefully analyzed this subject and highlighted those that will satisfy your needs. 

We would also like to explore this subject a bit more. In this article, you will find the best mattresses for heavy sleepers in India. 

Wakefit Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress


This sleeping equipment is ideal for two groups of people. Pregnant women usually have sleeping problems. However, individuals that have a history of back pain will also be satisfied with the features. More precisely, there are two of them that we would like to highlight. 

Thanks to the comfortable parts, the mattress has the necessary “strength” to relieve the sleeper’s back pain. Despite that, it will also a cool temperature thanks to flexible memory foam. The high temperature usually is one of the reasons why people can’t fall asleep. There is one good reason why this is happening. Compared to some other mattresses, the cells of the foam are bigger. Because of that, they can ensure a better flow of air from and to the mattress. Despite the cool temperature, this feature reduces the possibility of odors forming. 

You won’t need to invest extra effort to transport it from one place to another. Believe it or not, the weight of this product is only 10 kilograms. Despite that, you won’t need to spend a lot of time cleaning. The cover is made of high-grade cotton which can be easily removed at any moment. 

Emma Original Memory Foam Mattress


This model might not be popular in all parts of the world. However, we need to highlight its popularity in the European market. SO far, Emma Original managed to win more than “Best Matters” awards. This probably is a good proof of the quality that you can expect. However, the growing popularity is visible in the Indian market as well. 

There are certain features that we need to highlight. First of all, the structure of the mattress is something you will surely like. It is made of 100% organic, vegan, and non-harmful materials. Sleeping in a “healthy” environment equally important for a quality rest. Some people claim it is the eco-friendliest memory foam mattress you can find in India. 

This model comes with Visco-elastic memory foam layers and patented HRX foam. Both elements will ensure perfect body support and alignment. The advanced cell technology keeps the temperature under control. You can be sure that temperature won’t be a problem even during summer days. 

The Sleep Company 2.0 Smart Grid 8” Mattress


Okay, the distribution of Sleep Company is there for a certain period. However, the Smart GRID technology they offer is something relatively new. The technology has certain advancements compared to Memory Foam and other types of mattresses. 

The purpose of Smart GRID technology is to adapt mattresses to every human body shape. As you know, shoulders and hips keep the entire bodyweight while we sleep. Most matters do not deliver a cuddling-like soft feeling for both body parts. Things are a bit different with this model because of the feature that we highlighted. It will bring the highest possible degree of comfort to every heavy sleeper. 

People sleep in different sleeping postures. Some of them seem more comfortable with them. Thanks to this “invention”, each possible sleeping posture will be equally good for you. As we said, the mattress adapts to every single body shape. 

Sleepyhead 3-layered Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress


In most cases, people choose memory foam mattresses because they can maintain elasticity for extended periods. When we talk about this product, it comes with different layers of memory foam. Each of them improves the quality of proper airflow. All the gaps that you were dealing with so far are going to be arranged.

Firm foam base and soft layer on the top are two reasons why you should analyze this mattress. Between two layers, there is a memory foam that provides a high level of comfort. Some people in India claim it is the softest one you can find in today’s market. 

In the end, we need to highlight that this brand is 100% Indian. It is developed by Indian manufacturers and you will get a warranty of 10 years. You won’t find that sort of opportunity quite often. 

SleepX Dual Mattress – Medium-Soft and Hard


The weight of this model is around 11 kilograms which makes it one of the lightest on the market. Flexibility is the key feature of SleepX Dual Mattress because it can meet the requirements of different types of sleepers. 

Some people in India are bigger fans of hard beds. On the other hand, a certain group of people has a completely different requirement. The users of this product can easily flip it over and make it matchable for their needs. 

At the sidewalls, there is an air mesh that improves the breathability of the product. Additionally, there is also a Neem Fresche technology that brings you a fresher sleeping experience.