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Q: What is the best badminton racket under 1000?

A: Best Badminton racket under 1000: Li-Ning XP Series XP-709 Badminton racket is made with a low torsion steel shaft and is meant for beginners. Specially made for kids, this is a slightly lighter racket, making it easier for a new player to handle it.

Q: Is Lili-Ning badminton racket good for beginners?

A: Li-Ning rackets are usually made for the elite and pro badminton players, but this is one exception as it can be bought for just Rs. 632! This racket even has an isometric frame and a weight between 83 lbs and 89 lbs, making it the ideal lightweight racket for beginner players. Buy it here on: Buy Now @ Amazon.in

Q: Is Li-Ning G-Tek GX graphite strung badminton racket good?

A: Because of these excellent features, this racket claims the third position among the best badminton rackets under 1000 in India 2024. Buy at Amazon.in The grip size of Li-Ning G-TEK GX graphite strung badminton racquet is S1.

Q: How much does a badminton racket cost in India?

A: The world’s most popular badminton company offers you a simple, beginner’s badminton racket at the mere price of Rs. 869. Now, before you say, “That’s expensive!”, consider the deal – you’re getting a premium-quality racket from one of the top sports brands in the world.