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Q: What is the best badminton racket under 1000?

A: Best Badminton racket under 1000: Li-Ning XP Series XP-709 Badminton racket is made with a low torsion steel shaft and is meant for beginners. Specially made for kids, this is a slightly lighter racket, making it easier for a new player to handle it.

Q: What are the different types of badminton rackets?

A: To begin with, Badminton rackets generally come in three different kinds which determine the balance of the racket. the three of them are head-heavy, evenly balanced, and head-light badminton. Head heavy rackets are preferred by people who like playing aggressively.

Q: Is badminton the most loved sport after cricket in India?

A: Badminton has come up as the most loved sport by the people of all ages after cricket in India. You must have seen people playing badminton in their homes and gardens in the evening and enjoying the game.

Q: Is Li-Ning G-Tek GX graphite strung badminton racket good?

A: Because of these excellent features, this racket claims the third position among the best badminton rackets under 1000 in India 2024. Buy at Amazon.in The grip size of Li-Ning G-TEK GX graphite strung badminton racquet is S1.