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Q: Are there any guitars other than electric guitars on the list?

A: We wanted our list to be highly inclusive, which is why we have also included acoustic and semi-acoustic guitars other than electric guitars. This acoustic guitar is by Ibanez and arrives in a Sunburst design. Among guitarists, a guitar with a Sunburst design is extremely popular.

Q: What are some of the best early 20th century guitars?

A: Smaller luthiers still built excellent guitars during this time period as well – George Washburn Lyon’s early 20th century parlor guitars are prized amongst collectors, and even student level Harmony (Chicago) made offerings are well regarded.

Q: What are the best Jumbo guitars?

A: Generally, Gibson is known as one of the masters of the jumbo guitars, but the Taylor Grand Orchestra jumbo is a player-favorite, as well as Guild and Takamine examples. Parlor acoustics also date back to the early acoustic era.

Q: Who invented the archtop acoustic guitar?

A: Following in his footsteps, European-Americans added steel-strings to his designs, and eventually Chris Frederick Martin of Martin guitar fame introduced X-bracing in the 1830s, which brought about the rise of flat top and eventually archtop acoustic guitars.