Dogs are furry creatures many people love, so it comes as no surprise when people want to work with them. However, you may not know which jobs allow you to interact with dogs while giving you the opportunity to make money around India. If you want to be around those adorable pets, you should look into these nine careers to be around dogs as suggested by the canine expert Helen Ledford.

Dog Walker


Many people in the big cities don’t have time to walk their dogs, especially if those dogs use the bathroom while outside. For example, the owners may work odd hours or for long periods of time, so they need to hire dog walkers to help them. This could work for you as a career since you can walk many dogs around the neighborhood and get paid for it.

This works well since you can directly interact with the dog, help him or her get exercise, and stay fit. On top of that, you can work a system with your clients to walk the dogs at certain times for a set amount of time. That way, you can make money, work around your own schedule and spend some time with these lovely creatures.



If you have the patience to go through school or get an internship, you can become a veterinarian. Veterinarians work as pet doctors, assisting various animals to help them overcome problems or maintain their health. This makes it great for people who want to see lots of animals, interact with them and help them.

Keep in mind this job can be difficult to do since you need to become certified and study a lot. On top of that, you may face some moments where you come across hurt dogs or dying ones, so you will need emotional strength to be a veterinarian. However, you will also enjoy a rewarding job where you help dogs heal and maintain their health.

Dog Daycare Employee


There is an increasing demand in dog daycares around the country focused on watching over dogs while the owners go to work or take care of other responsibilities. This job will give you the opportunity to work around lots of different dogs and meet new ones. Due to this, people who feel adventurous with meeting dogs will get some enjoyment from this job.

However, you need to realize each dog will have various needs. For example, some may not be potty trained, and you must watch over all of them to make sure they play nice and don’t hurt each other. Dog daycares can get hectic at times, but if you like the idea of being around tons of different dogs, this might be your ideal career path.



If you want to do more than walk dogs and avoid daycares, you could become a dogsitter instead. Many people hire dogsitters since they don’t want to leave their dogs home alone, especially if their dogs need to be potty trained. They may also look for a dog sitter if they have dogs that get anxious easily or have destructive tendencies.

If you like the idea of bonding closely with a dog, this might be the best career for you. Depending on your hours and when people need you, you could end up working with multiple dogs each day. You should spend some time checking your options to see if anyone nearby needs to get a dog sitter to help them out.

Dog Trainer


A dog trainer stands out as another popular job since people can interact with many dogs. When you work as a dog trainer, you must help dogs learn how to perform tricks, behave or follow house rules. These vary based on what the owner wants, so your dog training can cover lots of different topics and necessities.

For example, as a dog trainer, you can help owners learn how to teach their dogs to use the bathroom outside or on a bathroom pad. You can also help them learn tricks, teach them house rules and do anything else to improve each dogs’ behavior. If you like the idea of helping people grow closer with their dogs to make their homes peaceful, you should consider this one.

Dog Breeder


This career stands out as one of the harder jobs on this list, but it can be rewarding for some people. Many people will start their own dog breeding businesses where they allow certain dogs to live with them, so they can raise puppies and give them to families. However, dog breeding can get difficult since you need to maintain so many dogs.

Not only that, but you have to care for each of them and accept the fact that you will give them to others. This makes it difficult for some people when they grow emotionally attached to the dogs, so make sure you accept this aspect of the work. Also, you will need to look into the laws for dog breeding and businesses in your area before you do this.

Dog Groomer


If you like the idea of working with different dogs and clean them up, a dog grooming job might be a great choice for you. Dog groomers get to see tons of new dogs every day while also helping them with their health. Even though dog grooming makes dogs look nicer, it also stands out as an important part of keeping those dogs healthy.

For example, a dog’s nails can get dangerous if they get too long, and long fur can cause dirt to get stuck on the dog. This job stands out as a physically demanding one since you need to work with the dogs, clean them up and potentially work with more aggressive dogs. However, it can be an enjoyable job for those who like to be around dogs.

Pet Photographer


You can work as a pet photographer if you don’t like the idea of cleaning pets. Many people like to take pictures with their animals to make memories and spend time with their pets. This will inevitably lead to you taking pictures of many dogs since they’re one of the most popular pets throughout India.

Keep in mind you will have to take pictures of other pets as well, such as cats or reptiles. However, if you don’t mind working with other animals, this could work as a career for you. If you plan to do this you will need to get photography experience, then work for a pet photography business or create your own.

Pet Store Employee


Working as a pet store employee might be a good career option if you want to work closely with animals. Pet store employees can interact with lots of animals, feed them and take care of their living conditions.

However, you should be careful if you decide to work at a pet store since some of them might not treat their animals well. Make sure you scout out the pet store ahead of time to see if you like the way they treat the animals before you apply for the job.

If dogs matter to you, then you may want to look into careers where you can interact with these cute animals. These nine suggestions will let you spend some time with pets, so you can make money while working with dogs. If you love animals and want to work with them, you should review these suggestions and seek out a career involving dogs.