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Q: What is the best modular adventure helmet for the money?

A: This helmet is easy to call the best modular, adventure helmet available for the money. I realize that flies in the face of what I wrote at the outset of this article… but it’s true! The Scorpion EXO-AT950 is known outside North America as the ADX-1.

Q: How much does a BMW adventure helmet cost in 2024?

A: BMW announced two new adventure helmets for 2024 and they both look so attractive! This is the lower-priced one that’s named the GS Pure. It barely squeaks into the sub-$500 bracket at its lowest trim level that is a solid white in color. The fancier graphic version (pictured in the photo above) costs more than $500.

Q: How much does a motorcycle helmet weigh?

A: Remove the visor and peak and the mass for a Medium size drops to 1040g or 2.29lbs. Interestingly the Klim Krios Karbon is listed at 3.25lbs on Revzilla’s website, but that would be a DOT-approved helmet which may truly be heavier because of some extra pieces necessary to get certified as such instead of ECE only.

Q: Are Scorpion motorcycle helmets any good?

A: Regardless, this helmet has been a popular fan favourite for 6 years and should fit into most people’s budgets. Scorpion is known worldwide as a reliable brand that gives you more features for less money. Here’s a review from 2016 when the EXO AT-950 first appeared.