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Q: What are the best motorcycle helmets under 5000?

A: Next in our list of the best helmets you can buy under 5000 is the RR3 Rage from AXOR. This helmet is certified by the DOT (Department of Transport) and ISI. This means that it meets the standards set for weight, quality, and protection as specified by these institutions.

Q: Do you need a helmet under 5000 in India?

A: Especially in India, you must not get a helmet just to avoid trouble with the law- you must get one to protect yourself from any unexpected occurrence on the road. So which are the top 5 helmets under 5000 in India? What do they offer, how safe and effective are they?

Q: What are the best LS2 helmets under 5000?

A: 4. LS2 WV001RCA0392 Roller Full Face Helmet – Best LS2 helmet under 5000 5. Vega Helmets Unisex-Adult Clear Drop-Down Shield (For Ladies) 6. SMK MA241 Twister Cartoon Graphics Pinlock Fitted 7. Steelbird SA-1 7 Wings Aeronautics in Matt Finish Full Face Helmet 8. HJC Helmets RST Shield FS-15 Carbon Road Race Motorcycle Helmet 9.

Q: Why Shiro sh-119 is the best full face helmet under 5000?

A: To provide more comfort especially during longer rides, it has a neck protector to provide comfort. The helmet is also ISI- marked so you can be sure about it meeting all quality and safety standards. The Shiro SH-119 is among the top 5 helmets under 5000 that is full-face but offers a flip-up feature for the face area.