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Bones are the important building part of the body, it is necessary to maintain strong bones by focusing on the calcium intake. Bones are not so strong that they will bend or break easily due to health and external issues. Bones are connected through the ligament and all bones work together for every movement of your body.

When you consider the knee part, it is made up of several bones that are connected with the ligament and works as a mechanical lever when you move the thigh part and lower leg part. So, our body is not built easily, but a complex way it is made of.

When you admire such a wonderful-made body, you need to consider the disadvantages too. The bones in your body may lose strength when you grow older. Also, when you give any external pressure or met with an accident, the chances are much for your bones to break. The knee part is especially unsafe and prone to face many dangers from outside factors.

Not only the knee part is prone to such impacts, but also some diseases may affect the regular functioning of your knee. Thus you will feel much inconvenience to move your leg. Such diseases affecting the knee’s function are osteoarthritis to chondromalacia patella. Some people already may suffer from such diseases, for them they must take the knees from any injuries to avoid getting worse.

The best way to avoid this above hassle is to use a knee cap support that protects your knee from such dangers and also supports your knee. Such knee support also offers compression to your knee and thereby supporting the muscles and ligaments too. Knee cap support also maintains the heat inside the knee that helps to heal the injuries and increase the blood circulation.

Best Buy Knee Cap Supports Online in India

Some buyers are not sure to decide which brand of knee support is best for them here. We are listing the top ten knee cap supports available on the Indian market today. If you want any suggestions regarding the knee support products, go through these reviews.

1. Hykes Knee Cap Compression Support for Gym

Hykes Knee Cap Compression Support for Gym

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Hykes Knee Cap Support is specially designed to provide you with faster joint pain relief. The knee support is designed using a perfect mix of several breathable materials that are excellent for hard and rugged activities. With such a support cap, you can allow your knee to go with a full range of motion. It is an ergonomically-designed knee support that provides the maximum comfort for the user.

Another interesting fact about this product is that it is manufactured using the latest 3D Knitting Technology. This technology is coupled with the use of materials Nylon and Pandex and hence the user gets the optimum support with three more features such as elasticity, breathability, and longevity.

The top edge of the sleeve has two waves of silicone that provide the grip to the user and the user with intense activities never slips on any surfaces. The knee support is ideal for the user to get the faster recovery from injuries and surgeries involved in knee areas and other diseases such as meniscus tear, runners, arthritis & jumper’s knee, ACL, MCL, etc.

If you are the person suffering from knee-related issues, then this Hykes Knee Cap Support serves as the best option. Also, you can carry on your sports activities that you quit due to knee issues, as knee support cap is perfect for various activities such as walking, jogging, and sports activities like basketball, badminton, tennis, football, etc. Even for athletics and weight-lifting athletes can use this knee support cap for safety.

Customer Reports

I have been looking this my whole life time. A perfect knee support. Breathable. Gives ample pressure according to your workout. Greater mobility. Does not stall your knee like wraps or other market supports. It gives you a greater mobility at the same time providing necessary support during Squats, Deadlift, running, etc. I would say its a smart knee support!


It’s very comfortable and perfectly stitched now I can workout without any worries and it helps in strengthening the legs. I just need elbow support for a perfect workout outfit and I like this product material it feels nice to the skin(very soft).

2. Fashnex Support Sleeve for knee cap

Fashnex Support Sleeve for knee cap

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For the buyers looking for the perfect knee cap to get rid of knee pain, then this Fashnex Support Sleeve for knee cap is an ideal option for them. This support cap is much effective in relieving pain from your knees and improves the circulation of blood around the knee areas. When your knee is swollen or injured, just buy this knee cap of a suitable size and wear it around the painful knee area.

The support cap has many advanced features in it such as anti-slip fit, durability and breath ability, 4-way stretch capability, etc. An anti-slip feature provides the best comfort for you and it doesn’t require you to adjust it again during various physical activities such as weightlifting, yoga, dance, fitness, and gym-related activities.

Coming to the 4 way stretch capability of the knee support, it offers great comfort to the user along with superior protection and relief from pain. Again this support cap also uses the latest 3D Circular Knitting Technology.

Such technology makes the knee split the knee pressure equally to all areas thus provides quick healing. Some of the intense activities that you can carry out using this knee cap protection are Basketball, Tennis, Golf, Baseball, Football, Weightlifting, Gym Fitness Training, Cycling, etc. Try this for your knee pain and see the difference.

Customer Reports

✔ The knee cap is well built, when it comes to the material, it is highly breathable ensuring for intensive works like running or jogging.
✔ One of the thing I really liked about it is its versatility, it is 4 way stretchable which does not let you compromise with your free knee movement, making you not even feel that it is being wore.
✔ The thigh section, or the upper section has some silicon based weaving which makes it very comfortable on the thighs.
✔ Very good for arthritis patient, infact my uncle gas used it, and he said as an arthritis patient the one of the better knee cap he has used at this price rate.
✔ I liked the ergonomics of the knee cap very much. It is a very well adjusting with the knee of any shape and size and gripping the muscles well.

Dinesh Singh Bist

This is my second purchase for the same product. After using my first same knee supporter around 2 months 4 to 5 day in a week for walking. It’s a very good product and good amount of compression on my knee. Since I am using it I not feel any pain on my knee which happens after walking (8 km walk). It’s get loose little bit after sometimes but when you wash it, it’s again got tight.

3. UrbanGabru Knee Cap

UrbanGabru Knee Cap

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If you are looking for a breathable knee cap product to solve your knee issues, then buy this product UrbanGabru Knee Cap. The knee cap is designed with advanced technology that makes them ideal for various rugged activities such as baseball, basketball, volleyball, running, hiking, and gymnastic activities, etc.

The support cap comes with a special knee support patella that protects your knees from various risk factors and enhanced workouts. The patella is much effective for daily-use and can be the best option for injuries and diseases such as MCL, LCL, PCL, Tendinitis, etc.

The support cap is made up of breathable material that provides great comfort and thus you are free from sweat. To maintain the right joint temperature, the product uses the high-grade cotton fabric.

Another noteworthy feature in this support cap is the anti-slip feature that means you can carry on various rugged activities without falling. The knee cap provides the best grip to handle all such slippery surfaces. Heavy-duty bilateral dual hinges is another feature that helps you to move comfortably. It is also built with a pre-curved anatomical design that makes the knee cap perfect for both right and left knees.

Thus, to reduce the pain and to get relief from pressure on and around the knee area, this UrbanGabru Knee Cap can be an ideal purchase.

Customer Reports

I run long distances & suffer with slightly dodgy knees. I’ve tried many supports from many brands. I have found all either too loose, move out of place, not enough support & extremely uncomfortable to the point of blood being drawn. I was very impressed with this Neo G. Really supportive but flexible enough to run over distances comfortably.


I bought this because I have tendinitis in my knee. I am getting treatments but the doc suggested a keen support when I workout or ride my bike. It stays up very well. If I get super sweaty it will slip a little, but not bad enough to stop what I am doing. I probably need to adjust as I workout. I have even used it over my insulated bike tights. It still stays up for most of the ride with a little slip down the leg. However, the tights are a slick material, so I give it a pass. Much better than my pull on neoprene brace that barely stays up on my bare leg.

4. Strauss Adjustable Knee Support Patella

Strauss Adjustable Knee Support Patella

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The buyer who is looking for extra protection at the knee joint can go with buying this product Strauss Adjustable Knee Support Patella. This knee cap is much special about its open patella and neoprene material. The open patella helps to deal with knee joint issues and bent issues. Neoprene is a lightweight and breathable material.

The product is made of a stretchable fabric that provides great compression and comfort. The product is designed using the most durable material, neoprene that allows the knee to face maximum compression and other rugged activities. It results in relieving the pain from the knees.

The main advantage of using this knee cap is that it is completely built to provide the utmost comfort and safety for the users and thus, neoprene material is used in it.  One can use this knee support cap for minor injuries like twisted knees, sprains to major diseases such as ACL, PCL, arthritis, etc.

Another advantage of using this product is the knee support is built and designed and using advanced technology. Such technology built in the knee cap provides blood circulation around the knee parts and evaporates the sweat to make the user feel comfortable wearing it. Thus, go with this advanced product to get rid of knee pains and utilize the product’s features.

Customer Reports

The best product I have ever bought on Amazon. I used to have knee pain when running. It changed completely after I bought and wore it. Highly recommended.


Had bought this as I was having continuous knee pain while was I going to gym. The product is good and has been really helpful once in started using it. Must buy and durable, have been using for 7-8 months now.

5. Dr. Ortho Universal Size Knee Cap for Knee Support

Dr. Ortho Universal Size Knee Cap for Knee Support

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Knee cap pain becomes a common issue for males, females and all age groups. Such a problem becomes a hindrance to normal activities such as walking, running or climbing the staircase. To solve all such hassles, Dr. Ortho comes with the best solution for introducing Dr. Ortho Knee Cap for Knee Support. It is different from the above products, as it is designed and manufactured in such a way to avoid completely the problem of knee cap pain.

It is very effective in treating knee pain and provides intense relief from knee pain and other knee issues. As it is made from skin-friendly material cotton, people having skin allergies can also use this product.

The kneecap is hypoallergenic and lets your knee skin breathe easily. So, you don’t have to suffer from skin irritation. The cotton fabric provides the knee support, thus you can move easily after getting the required compression from the knee cap.

Dr. Ortho Knee Cap helps your knee bones to stay in the right position and provides even compression to all knee areas. This knee cap is best to treat the inflammation, muscle issues, achy joints, etc by improving the stagnation and blood circulation.

Thus, you can improve your performance well by using this knee cap. Since it is manufactured as per the direction of a physician, one can feel free to use this knee cap, as it is completely safe for your skin and knees.

Customer Reports
Shekhar Bansal

My wife was reeling under pain for weeks. Finally, she started wearing these knee-caps for all the day and got relief. Now she uses them during and after the exercise session. Very good for knee suport post 45 years of age.


Item is good and original but i receive L size which is slightly tight to me as it is said thst item is universal size. My advise in this that amazon provide size also.

6. Healthgenie Knee Cap

Healthgenie Knee Cap

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If you are looking for a high-quality knee cap, then this Healthgenie Knee Cap makes the right option for you. This knee cap is much special about its use of high-quality material to provide comfort and serve as the best option for men, women, and kids to play sports.

This knee cap is a must-have option for all runners, weightlifters, and athletes, as it provides the compression and support through 4-watt stretch capability and guides all with great protection. To protect your knees from any harm and promote faster muscle recovery, this kneecap is the best option.

One can enjoy all the intense sports activities such as weightlifting, cycling, hiking, basketball, soccer, volleyball, football, and golf, etc. by using this knee cap.

The product features an anti-slip ergonomic design that provides the compression and blood circulation over the knee areas. An anti-slip provides the best grip for the user and doesn’t require any readjustment of the knee cap while playing or weightlifting or dancing.

To choose the right sized knee cap, one can consult the size chart given with the product and it is suggested to go with 1-2 cm smaller than your original size to get the perfect fit and comfort.

For the buyers looking for a daily-use, flexible and ultra-durable knee cap, Healthgenie Knee Cap makes the right choice.

Customer Reports

My mother has been using this for a couple of months. She finds it quite useful while walking. It is not comfortable for whole day wear, but gives excellent support if you are using it for a few hours. Delivery was quick and payment was hassle-free. Excellent shopping experience on Amazon!

Abhishek Ranjan

I ordered M size and its tight fitting and I think its good because some right fitting is necessary for knee pain and knee support. Only one thing is not ok that is, it’s not so soft inner part, so when you wear. After some time it’s itching.

7. JSB BS61 Stretchable Knee Cap Support for Sports and Pain Relief

JSB BS61 Stretchable Knee Cap

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If you are looking for a stretchable and high-quality knee cap for knee support, then buy this JSB BS61 Stretchable Knee Cap Support. As it is a stretching type of knee cap, it is much easier for you to wear. Most people prefer this kneecap due to its elasticity, breathability, and comfort of wearing it. It provides the best grip for the athletes and players when playing badminton, volleyball, soccer, baseball, etc.

The stretchable knee cap provides the ideal compression and blood circulation around the knee and surrounding areas to prevent Jerk to Knee, Knee Joint Pain, Arthritis, etc. To get the right-size knee cap, it is given instructions on how to measure your knee size. After measuring the knee size, you can refer to the size chart to go with the right size knee cap.

To use this knee cap longer, the washing instructions are also given. One can wash this knee cap using cold water and dry it in a shade on a flat surface. Using them in such a way may provide a long life.

 In addition to protecting you against knee issues, it also protects you from cold weather by providing compression to the knee. Try this knee cap and you will get the benefit of using such a wonderful product.

Customer Reports

JCB knee cap has very nice fabric and very comfortable to wear. It fits well and flexible to wear and walk. It’s streachable marerial is breathable. Bought it for a good price. Got it for a good deal from Amazon. Very beneficial for knee support for knee pain and walking.

Shikhar Pathak

I am a badminton player and the game requires heavy movement of the knees and puts considerable pressure but this knee cap supports my knees so that there is no excess pressure. The built quality is superb and is soft to the skin.

8. EasyHealth Premium Compression Knee Support

EasyHealth Premium Compression Knee Support

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To get the best knee support for your knee pain, try this EasyHealth Premium Compression Knee Support. It is best for jogging, running, and other light workouts. When you suffer from strains, sprains, arthritis, swelling over the knee areas, you can use this knee support, as it will provide you the great relief.

It has the best feature of providing excellent knee support with non-stiffness, no itching, no slipping, etc. with the utmost comfort. So, one can wear this knee cap all day without any hassles. The knee support is anatomically shaped to prevent injuries and to provide you quick healing. The product helps you the best in the recovery process.

The knee support cap offers a high elasticity due to which it is much comfortable to use for running, sports, and athletic activities. The material used to manufacture this knee support is a light and soft material. So, you can wash and dry it easily. Even washing it, the shape of knee support doesn’t change. It is suitable for both men and women to use it with ease.

To get a quick recovery from Osteoporosis, post-surgery pain, swelling, strains, sprains, gym workouts, and arthritis, etc. this EasyHealth Premium Compression Knee Support serves as the ideal option. Try this product and see the result.

Customer Reports

Bought this one for myself because I have pain in my knees. I felt this knee cap is helping my movements by providing a good joint grip. Good product with best quality. Comfortable and perfect fit. Value for money.


This product has really helped me. I’ve had knee pain for about 4 years now and I’ve been trying to regain the strength by working out. But it was difficult as the pain during and after the workout was too much. This provides really good compression and I’m able to do much better exercise for my knees without so much pain.

9. Knee Support by TRESSCA with Best Kneecap Compression

Knee Support by TRESSCA

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If you are having pain and feeling stress over the joint areas, and you still want to play any of these sports like Badminton, Basketball, Cricket, Football, Tennis, Volleyball or Soccer, you should buy this TRESSCA knee support for getting the better result. You can also enjoy other intense activities such as running, jogging, and hiking by using this knee support.

To get the protection at the maximum level when you suffer from knee issues, this knee support serves the most. When you are doing workouts, to get the optimum muscle support, you need to use this knee support. The material used in this knee support is much faster in absorbing sweat from the knee areas and thus, keeping your leg free from any bad odor for many hours of usage.

Other features include an anti-slip system, high-performance fabric, high absorption capacity, special knitted technical design, great muscle support, and 4-way compression sleeve ergonomic design.

Anti-slip double silicone waves provide the user, a great grip and don’t have to make readjustments during playing or other activities. Thus, find your size and buy the right knee cap for your knee support.

Customer Reports

This product is awesome.. next-day only I received the product after place the order. I have normal athletic body and I choose the M size. The linen is very comfortable and perfectly fit on my knees. And the color makes it more stylist.


Good support and good feel. It’s a bit expensive. Could have given a pair for rs 500.

10. Amazon Brand – Solimo Knee Support

Amazon Brand - Solimo Knee Support

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Solimo is one of the trending brands from Amazon that offers a great knee support product which is last in our list. Solimo provides adjustable knee support that is needed during physical activity.

The knee support is manufactured using neoprene material that provides great support. This material is an insulator and retains heat in the affected area to provide the blood circulation and to relieve the pain.  When you are carrying out high-intensity workouts, your knee needs some support for it, which is provided by this knee support.

An attractive feature of this knee support is the premium quality of this product. Solimo brand always aims to deliver high-quality products, which is the same for this too. Though it offers premium quality, the price is still reasonable. One can try this product, as it is available at a reasonable price of superior quality. Thus, you can pay a little to buy this product.

Customer Reports

As a regular gym goer, I find this as a great support for knee. Only hitch is for larger size legs, the centre velcro might touch the skin slightly and irritate very briefly, but it doesn’t cause any problem. It’s a decent support. Go for it.

Amazon Customer

Good knee support, decent quality. I personally use this for squats (yes you can get full range of motion, but if you’re buying this just for squats I suggest you to go with the pattela version of this) and for wrestling. Air flow is not that great.


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These were the top ten knee support caps that you can buy in India for getting complete knee support and relief from knee injuries and diseases. Whether you are looking for a knee support to get the complete muscle support during light exercises or to get the relief from knee injuries or to recover from diseases like MCL, LCL, PCL, Tendinitis or to play the various sport activities like baseball, volleyball, soccer, etc. you will find the right product in the above list. The only thing you need to do is to choose the right one based on your budget and needs.

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