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Today, a lot of people suffer from lifestyle diseases and diabetes is one of them. The good part is that diabetes can be managed easily with the help of insulin and other lifestyle changes. One thing that can help you in managing the lifestyle disease is a glucometer which basically helps you in measuring the quantity of sugar in your blood. This can be done at home so that you do not have to spend hundreds of rupees in getting the test done.

High sugar levels can lead to kidney failures, blindness, nerve damage and other complications like seizures. All this can be prevented by monitoring your sugar levels if you suffer from diabetes. In such a case, it becomes really important to have a glucometer with yourself to monitor diabetes and to change the lifestyle accordingly.

So, if you have a glucometer, all you have to do is that you have to use a new needle to pinch your finger, extract a drop of blood and put it on the glucometer strip. You then insert the strip in the glucometer and there you have the reading of your sugar levels.

Depending on your sugar level, you can alter the dose of your medicine. The glucometer can surely help in saving a lot of lives this way and it is a must-have item at home if you suffer from diabetes or if anyone else in your family suffers from diabetes.

In this article, we are going to share al possible information regarding Glucometer which includes the Working of the Glucometer, Best Glucometers Available in India, Buying Guide and the Sugar Chart Levels along with a Basic User Guide.

So, let us now start by looking at how does blood glucose meter works.

How Do Blood Glucose Meters Work?

Most of us have used a glucose meter at some point in time but do you really know how does this glucose meter works? What really happens after you put the blood on the glucometer strip and what happens when you insert it in the machine? Well, we have explained the working of the blood glucose meter in this section so check out the working principle behind the blood glucose meter.

  • It all starts with you extracting blood from the capillary. Once you extract the blood and put it on the strip, a reaction begins instantaneously. The blood reacts with the enzyme, glucose oxidase.
  • The reaction now enables the blood to interfere with the electrode which is present in the meter. This way, the flux of the reaction generates an electrical signal in the machines.
  • Now, the glucometer is actually calibrated to measure the flux and get you the reading. The chip inside the glucometer is calibrated to provide you with a reading by measuring the change in current and the strength of the current.
  • The higher the amount of glucose in the blood accounts of higher the flux and higher current. This means that the higher current gives you a higher reading while you are measuring the blood glucose levels.

This is the basic working principle behind the glucose meter. Let us now look at the top 9 glucometers available in India in 2024.

Best Buy Glucometers Online in India

These are the best-rated glucometers available in India and you can purchase them from your local market or you can order them online to get a discount on the product that you choose.

1. Dr. Morepen BG-03 Gluco One Glucometer, 25 Strips

Dr. Morepen BG-03 Gluco One Glucometer

Buy From Amazon

On top of the list, we have a model from Dr. Morepen and it is certainly the best glucometer available in India. If you choose to purchase Dr. Morepen BG-03 Gluco One Glucometer then you get a lancing device, 10 lancets, a plastic carry case and 25 test strips in the back. The Glucometer is available at a great discount online.

Also, you just need 0.5 microlitre blood to test the sugar levels in your body and apart from that, the model also has a beeper alert that notifies you once the test is complete. This machine gives a very accurate reading. Talking about the design of the machine, it is very sleek, and it has 2 buttons. One of the buttons is to turn it on and the second one is the memory button which can be used to check out the past reading.

Another best thing about this model is that the Glucometer has very cheap strips and the price of strips is much lower than what competitors offer. This means that you can get your sugar testing in less than Rs 15 every time you need to undergo a test.

The last thing that you need to know before buying this product is that it comes with a lifetime warranty which ensures that you can get your product changed anytime you face an issue.

Customer Reports
Sarvesh Agrawal

Dr. Morepen is the best and cheapest glucometer available in the market. The cost per strip is around Rs. 10 which is half the price of its competitor. The quality of the machine is superb and user-friendly. By using this product I can purchase any product of Dr. Morepen blindly. Thanks, Dr. Morepen for making this JANTA GLUCOMETER which is easily affordable by the masses.


Bought this for my diabetic parents and it does its job fine. Ratings are decently accurate, and it tallied with our diebetician’s machine. Easy to use, though test strips are a little bit costly. Overall satisfied with gluco one.

2. OneTouch Select Simple Glucometer with Box of 10 Test Strips Free

OneTouch Select Simple Glucometer

Buy From Amazon

Next on our list is a glucometer from OneTouch. The best part about this glucometer is that it is very easy to operate. The only thing that you need to do is that you need to put the droplet of blood on the strip and then simply insert the strip in the machine. There is no need to press any button as the machine would be turned on automatically and it will test your blood sugar level as soon as you insert the strip in the machine.

Another amazing feature of this glucometer is that it comes with color and sound alert. This means that you get a notification as soon as the reading is complete and the notification would vary in case your sugar level is low, high or extremely high.

This feature is of great help to the elderly people who might have difficulty in interpreting the readings displayed on the screen. You would also not have to refer to the sugar level charts if you are planning to buy this glucometer.

In terms of the warranty, this product also comes with a lifetime warranty so you can get it to replace if you feel that there is a need of calibration and you can also get the product replaced if it stops working at any point in time. Talking about the contents in the pack, the glucometer comes with a set of 10 strips and lancing set along with the lancing needles.

Customer Reports
Anuradha Raina

Wellbeing a diabetic it’s the most handy tool to possess. The entire process of delivery was excellent.


Excellent Product. Simply easy to use.

3. Accu-Chek Active Blood Glucose Meter Kit, Vial of 10 strips free

Accu-Chek Active Blood Glucose Meter Kit

Buy From Amazon

On number 3, we have a glucometer meter Accu-Chek and this is again one of the most preferred glucometers available in India. When you purchase this glucometer, you get a set of 10 strips absolutely free and in addition to this, the glucometer comes with a lifetime warranty just like what its competitor offers.

This glucometer from Accu-Chek is quite easy to use and another advantage of glucometer is that it also comes with a memory button so you can go ahead and check the last few readings whenever your doctor wants to know the details of your readings.

Yes, that is right, the glucometer can store the results for about 90 days. Also, the machine has a notification for the expired glucometer test strips. Apart from this, the machine also tells you if you have not put enough blood on the test strip.

In such a case, it gives you another 10 seconds to redoes the strip. Another feature of Accu-Chek is that you can even set a pre and post-meal reminder while you are using these machines.

Another amazing feature of this machine is that it lets you verify the result as well. The test strip would change color after you test the blood and you can then match it up with the test color indicator chart on the container to ensure that the results are matching up. You can even connect your device to the computer to get the results transferred over to the computer.

Customer Reports
Srinivasa Rao T

Using for about 6 months. It is so easy to use. I can’t say about the accuracy. The box is very useful to carry it along with. This is a new model and doesn’t contain the slot for the coding chip, which used to be provided with test strips. This makes it easy for older and low-educated people.

Neeraj Pandey

This is the best device available to test the blood glucose level gives the most accurate reading compared to all other devices available to buy this product only to test sugar level.

4. Dr. Trust (USA) Fully Automatic Blood Sugar Testing Machine

Dr Trust (USA) Fully Automatic Blood Sugar Testing Glucometer Machine

Buy From Amazon

If you are looking for a glucometer with added functionality then this could be the best one for you. This particular model comes with added functions that alert you when ketones are present in your blood and it also has a very bright LCD display along with a backlight. You get a free digital thermometer and 60 strips in this glucometer as well along with the lancing device, carry case, lancet needle.

Another feature of this glucometer is that it lets you get reading from the alternative test sites as well. Most of the test strip has these restrictions but with Dr. Trust, you can measure the sugar level even when the blood is extracted from an artery, vein, capillary or even when the blood of dialysis patient with maltose is tested.

This means that you can extract blood from the upper arm, forearm, hand, fingertips, thing and even calf apart from just using the fingers. This is made possible via GD-FAD enzyme strips that come with the box.

The glucometer also comes with an eject button which means that you would not have to touch the glucometer strip after the use. This minimizes the risk of contagion as the strip is disposed of with the touch of a button.

Apart from all these features, the glucometer can change units, store 1000 test results and store alerts for pre-meal, most meal and general mode. Talking about the warranty, the device comes with a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase.

Customer Reports
Nitish Singh

Out of the box, it seemed to be a complete package

It comes with the following things
– The Glucometer device
– 60 testing strips – that’s a lot and it can save you money considering strip can easily cost 800 INR per 50 strips.
– A box to contain all the items — the carry case
– batteries to power the device from the get-go
– A Flexi tip thermometer

Overall, a great value for money!

– Great screen
– Shows all the necessary information
– Keeps 100 results for easy access
– Results shown in just 5 seconds.

– None


Great product never ever seen in the market. I have checked AC, PC and Gen mode results are near like laboratory. I have given samples at the lab and checked with device results vary 5 points mg/dl more than a lab. But it quietly works. You will get a total of 60 no of lancets and strips and one no of the thermometer.

5. Beato Smartphone Glucometer with 20 strips

Beato Smartphone Glucometer

Buy From Amazon

If you are looking for something even more compact which can stay in your pocket then your search must stop here. Do you know what is so unique about this device? Well, the device has no screen and you can just connect the device to your smartphone to turn your smartphone into a glucometer.

Fascinating, isn’t it? The device comes with a 3.5 mm jack which can be inserted into any phone and the app can be installed on the phone. This turns the phone into a glucometer which gives the reading of the sugar once the strip is inserted into the device.

Another advantage of using this model is that you can store the results of an unlimited number of days on your phone if you are using this device as the app would be storing the results on your phone.

With this pack, you get a smart glucometer, 20 test strips, 20 lancets, a lancing device, carrying pouch and access to a doctor as well as a diabetes specialist. If your sugar level is too high or low, the diabetes specialist of the manufacturer gets a notification and you can seek help from him.

Also, the battery life of the device is quite amazing as the battery lasts for 5 years or approximately 4000 tests.

Customer Reports
Madhurish Varma

An extremely portable device and quite accurate too. The usage is very simple and fast. The app though can be made more user-friendly so that the Reports Analysis are the only thing on the Home page. The sugar level trends are captured for Fasting, Pre Meal & Post Meal only. Rest is there in the reports log. Haven’t tried to connect with the Health Care professional mentioned there. So don’t know about that. So if you are thinking of buying a Glucometer, this can be a very handy option. Comes with 20 strips, 20 lancets, and a plunger.

Pankaj Malik

An awesome product, very easy to use and easy to handle. You can also check your previous readings which are of great help. The strips are a bit expensive but they are individually packed so you can use them for a longer period of time. Overall very satisfied.

6. Omron HGM-112 Glucometer (Vial of 10 strips free)

Omron HGM-112 Glucometer

Buy From Amazon

The last one on our list is Omron HGM-112 Glucometer which is one of the most basic models available in India. This glucometer features a large LCD screen so that the elderly people or people with visual impairment can check the results. Apart from that, you just need 1 microliter of blood to check the results. The glucometer also features a memory function that can recall your last results.

The product comes with a carry pouch, a lancing set and 10 glucometer strips.

You can even tag the reading to pre or post-meal. Apart from this, the glucometer has an alert for expired strips as well. If you are looking for a basic model which is slim and sleek then this could be a perfect choice for you.

The glucometer also has an auto on-off feature which saves the battery of the machine. In addition to this, you must note that the strips for this glucometer are a little expensive so you can order them online or you might need to check well in advance with your local chemist about the availability of strips for this glucometer.

These were the best glucose meters available in India however, there are some factors that you need to check before buying the machine for yourself. Below is the buying guide for the same.

Customer Reports
A V Many

It is very easy to use and gives accurate result. I would like to recommend for all my friends and relatives.

Rohit Gilotiya

Nice work, this is excellent!

7. Control D Blood Glucose Monitor

Control D Blood Glucose Monitor

Buy From Amazon

One of the small sizes and pocket-friendly glucose monitor equipment in our list is Control D Blood Glucose Monitor. It comes at a very low price point, and there is a total of 10 strips included to ensure the right level of glucose in our body. There are carbon electrodes to give you higher accuracy, which makes it reliable and better to prefer a product for sure.

One of the best parts is, it is easy to use, and there is no coding required to get all the advantages of this machine. Precision is one of the key things which make this product better to prefer over the selection of other ones. Having such a small-sized unit can decrease the number of problems and make this product better to prefer for your specific needs.

The sample volume required to take an accurate reading of glucose in the body is 0.5 microliters, and it is enough to help for sure. The measuring unit is mg/dL, which is preferred all around that’s why you can rely on the purchase and get rid of all the issues with ease. Even, analyze time is just five seconds, which enhances usability.

Customer Reports
Pragya Saini

I really like the product as it’s really accurate. Highly recommend it.

Shubham Agrawal

Awesome product. No issues with the product. After first use looks good and always gives accurate results.

8. Apollo Sugar Glucome Glucometer

Apollo Sugar Glucome Glucometer

Buy From Amazon

Having a smart unit of Glucometer can come in handy, and it feels reliable at the same time that’s why you can prefer it without having a single problem. There are lots of product manufacturers claiming to be the best one, but Apollo Sugar Glucome Glucometer is a reliable design with plenty of smart features to rely on.

The built quality is very nice, and you can easily get readings from the Glucometer. The smartphone app is available for both operating systems, iOS and Android. It is accurate, and you can use this equipment wirelessly which makes it highly reliable and better to prefer options as compared to the other ones.

No internet connection or mobile accessory is required to get the advantages to this Glucometer, which makes it a reliable choice. It can be used in various environments without worrying about accuracy because that is not going to vary.

Make sure that you use the equipment in a dry and clean space to avoid issues with accuracy. Last thing, Apollo offer diabetes support service for six months.

Customer Reports
Milan Gautam

This is an excellent product which gives accurate results and is user friendly. Loved it!

Amazon Customer

Best product that gives self-help. I am able to know and manage my sugar levels. Really Good. Thanks!

9. Alere G1 Glucometer, 25 Test Strips

Alere G1 Glucometer

Buy From Amazon

With 25 test strips and a genuine price, Alere G1 Glucometer nails the spot in our list for being an adequate choice. It is one of the widely sold products but as it is a very old generation of Glucometer and accuracy slightly vary, that’s why we aren’t giving it the first spot. The design is small; it is easy to put inside your pocket and use it with ease, which makes it better to prefer.

The built quality is genuine, and you can get the most accurate readings in a couple of seconds. It is true that you have to wait for a little because it works at a slow pace. However, working slower is better than giving false readings. You can measure glucose level and track with the small memory inside. It is the complete solution for diabetes management; that’s why you can easily prefer it for sure.

There are only three buttons to use this machine. Due to the low price, it is a genuine deal, but if you consider all reviews, most of them will be saying trash about the design.

So, we used it and found that it is a genuine product, but durability or accuracy after a time might be the issue that you have to worry about during the use.

Customer Reports
Chivukula Sai Manoj

Easy to use and lightweight product. Good to use at home and know test results in few seconds. Brought this for my dad. We’ve been using it for past 3-4 months. Got accurate results till now. Best Glucometer ever. Must buy if you want to give it to diabetic elders.

Amazon Customer

Very accurate and was very useful at one time.

How to Choose a Blood Sugar Testing Machine (Glucometer)?

Best Glucometer Buying Guide
There are certain factors that you need to consider while you plan to buy a glucometer or blood sugar testing machine. In this section, we have covered all such factors so that you can find the best machine for yourself which will meet all your needs. Let us now have a look at these details.

1. Pre Meal and Post Meal

The sugar reading before and after the meal can vary largely and in such a case, it really makes a lot of sense to buy a glucometer that can tag the reading and measure it accordingly. This is certainly one of the most desired features in a glucometer.

2. Portability

You need to understand the fact that you will have to travel with your glucometer in order to manage diabetes. This means that the glucometer should be really portable and a carry case should be included as a part of standard equipment. This would ensure that you are able to measure your sugar levels on the go. You can even opt for the machines that can be connected to smartphones to give you the reading.

3. Cost

This is another factor that you need to consider while you are purchasing the glucometer. For once, you can ignore the cost of the machine because that is a one-time investment but you need to account for the cost of test strips because that would be a recurring expense for you. Buy the glucometer which has affordable and cheap glucometer test strips.

4. Coding

The next thing to consider is the coding mode. Whenever you buy a new pack of the Glucometer test strips, you will have to code the details into the machine so that it auto-calibrates itself. To avoid all this hassle, you can opt for a machine that comes with an auto-coding facility for you.

5. Memory Function

The next thing to consider while buying a glucometer is the memory function. Purchase the glucometer which has memory function as that can help you in analyzing the trend. You can even opt for a machine that transfers the data to your computer as this would help you in getting a long term analysis point.

6. Test Time

The test time of the machine should be low. Long test time may induce errors and this is certainly not a favorable condition to be in. Check of the test time and ideally, most of the machines have a test time of 5 seconds which is acceptable criteria.

7. Notification

You can also buy a machine that notifies you in case of high, low or very high sugar levels. This is a great feature for the elderly as they would not have to remember the ideal reading for themselves. They would not have to open the chart again and again either.

Checking for the notifications is much easier to ensure that this is a must-have feature. Some of the machines may have a beeper while others may also have an LED notification.

8. Other Features

You can also check for other features that are a part of the machine. For example, some glucometer has a feature to auto-eject the test strip so that you do not have to touch them while another feature that is found in the glucometer is the notification alert for the presence of ketones. It is again another feature that most of the people prefer having in their machines.

9. Warranty

Check for the warranty that comes with the machine as the company will replace your machine in case of any issue if it is covered under warranty. Usually, companies offer a lifetime warranty in India for the glucometer but there are some reliable brands that offer a warranty of 1 year or 5 years. You can consider them both but do not purchase the ones which are not covered under warranty.

10. Insurance Cover

Lastly, some of the insurance covers offer your reimbursements for the money that is spent on the machine and test strips.

Check if your health insurance covers any of the machines and if it does, then it is better to opt for a machine that is covered under insurance.

Diabetes Blood Sugar Level Chart

It is important to understand the blood sugar level chart so that you can interpret the readings for yourself. All the glucometer comes with a blood sugar level chart so that you can understand if your sugar is well within range or if it is out of bound. It is best to refer to those charts, but in this section, we have listed the charts for your reference.

Below is a recommended chart for the blood glucose level for all different scenarios

Type of Patient On Waking Pre Meal (Fasting) Post Meal (90 Minutes)
Non-Diabetic NA 4.0 to 5.9 mmol/L Under 7.8 mmol/L
Children with Type 1 Diabetes 4.0 to 7.0 mmol/L 4.0 to 7.0 mmol/L 5.0 to 9.0 mmol/L
Type 1 Diabetes 5.0 to 7.0 mmol/L 4.0 to 7.0 mmol/L 5.0 to 9.0 mmol/L
Type 2 Diabetes NA 4.0 to 7.0 mmol/L Under 8.5 mmol/L

These were the normal sugar levels according to each class of the patient. However, there is also a criterion to diagnose diabetes. You can refer to the table below which will help you in understanding what are the criteria used by the doctor to diagnose the diabetes

Type of Plasma Glucose Test Prediabetes Normal Diabetes
Fasting 5.5 to 6.9 mmol/L


100 to 125 mg/dl

< 5.5 mmol/L


< 100 mg/dl

> 7.0 mmol/L


> 126 mg/dl

2 Hour after Meal 7.8 to 11.0 mmol/L


140 to 199 mg/dl

< 7.8 mmol/L


< 140  mg/dl

>11.1 mmol/L


> 200 mg/dl

Random NA < 11.1 mmol/L


< 200  mg/dl

>11.1 mmol/L


> 200 mg/dl

How to Use a Glucometer – Precautions and Tips

In this section, we are going to cover up to two parts. First is the usage of the glucometer and the second one is the precautions and tips associated with the use of a glucometer. Let us now have a look at these details.

It is very simple to use a glucometer. Simply load the lancing set with a new lancing needle. Load of the needle. Press it against the fingertip and press the button to release the needle. This will enable the lancing set to prick you and once the blood is dripping, put a drop on the test strip. Now insert the strip in the glucometer and wait 5 seconds for getting the reading. Once the reading is displayed, simply throw the strip along with the used needle.

Let us now look at some of the precautions and tips for using a glucometer:

=> Always use the branded glucometer and do not use the one which is locally assembled because they can be highly inaccurate.

=> Whenever you need to buy the strips, ensure that both are compatible. Remember that all the strips are not compatible with all the machines.

=> Check out the user guide before you plan to use the glucometer and see what are the things that need to be taken care of. This can vary from one machine to another.

=> Before inserting the strip in the glucometer, ensure that you have enough blood on the strip or else the machine might not be able to measure the blood glucose or you might not get the exact reading either.

=> Always wash and sanitize your hand before and after the test. Ensure that you do not leave the wound open as this can cause infection. Use a small band-aid to cover the wound.

=> It is always better to use the lancing needle at the side of the fingertip as this would hurt you less as compared to using the needle at the center of the fingertip.

=> Be consistent with your tests and ensure that you test the sugar levels at the same time every day. Variation in time can also alter the reading because of the metabolic process that goes into the body. Also, check your sugar levels on multiple occasions in a day.

=> It is also recommended to check the sugar levels before you drive on to indulge in any other physical activity.

Glucometer Vs. Lab Test: Which Is Better?

Lab tests and glucometer tests are the two most popular and widely used ways to measure the glucose level in the blood. Both of them have their importance and have their pros and cons. Here, in this section, we will be comparing these two ways of measuring the glucose level and will try to conclude which one of them you should choose for yourself.


The first thing that all users seek for while looking for the glucometer results is the accuracy. Although the Glucometer and Lab tests both provide nearly accurate results, if you were looking for the more accurate results that can be completely relied on, the proper lab results would be the better choice for you.

Ease of use

Another thing to consider is the ease of use. Although you won’t have to do anything in both the process, but the lab tests include different stages and is a lengthy process to determine almost similar results that you can get instantly by the Glucometers. So, the choice is yours, whether you choose the more reliable lab results or quicker glucometer results.

Time is taken to see the results

The next and probably the biggest difference between the results of Glucometer and lab tests is the time taken to get the results. The glucometers are meant for quicker results and have the sensors and advanced technology that measures the glucose level in the blood and shows the results almost in no time.

However, the lab tests take time and you may get the results in 2-3 days depending on the lab and clinic you have contacted for the test.


Another important thing about the lab test and Glucometer’s result is reliability. And although the results are accurate and reliable, if you are looking for the admission or want to move further with the tests, the Glucometer’s results aren’t considered as reliable.

There are some glucometers that have more passes and better algorithms to measure glucose levels, but in all, lab tests are considered as the best and the most reliable ones for checking glucose levels.

Better value

In all, if you look for better value, we will suggest you have a glucometer at home that can help you check the glucose level instantly and let you decide you about further actions. Also, if you need, you can then contact the clinic for more accurate results depending on which you can take the actions according to the doctor’s suggestions.

By having the Glucometers at home, you won’t have to rush to the clinic for the proper checkup and you can take the necessary actions according to the results. So, choose a reliable Glucometer and grab the best deal to keep an eye on glucose level in your blood.

In other words, if you are looking for a more reliable Glucose level check that can be taken for further process, we will suggest you go with the lab tests as most clinics do not take the Glucometer’s results as the reliable one for the further studies.


This was all the possible information about glucometer and we hope that the information helps you in managing your diabetes in a better way. You must refer to the user guide of the glucometer that you are purchasing and in addition to this, check out other details that may impact the result.

Take care of the precautions that you need to take while testing the sugar and never leave the wound open. Remember, a simple lifestyle change can save you from a lot of trouble.

Monitoring the blood sugar levels can be of great help and it can save you from several complications like kidney failure, eye damage, seizures and other such issues. Consult your doctor immediately if you notice high or low sugar levels.

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