Issues related to mobility and disability increases with passing age. Assistive devices like crutches, walkers and canes help in enhancing the support base of the patient, enhance balance, as well as increase mobility and independence,

Crutches are beneficial for people who are suffering from lifelong or permanent disabilities. A few orthopedic surgeons even prescribe this device for patients with short-term requirements. Crutches have been found to be highly useful for those who require to use their arms to bear weight and thrust and not solely for balance.

Different crutches require a varying amount of strength in shoulders and arms and energy expenditure, which can make them inappropriate for weak older adults. As the strength and needs of every person can be different, so it makes it beneficial to compare and evaluate different crutches on the basis of their features and find the one that suits you.

1. Tynor Elbow Crutch – Universal (Adjustable)

Tynor Elbow Crutch

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Elbow Crutch by Tynor is rated as a sophisticated walking device that is made to offer full weight-bearing. It is helpful when single or both legs of a person don’t work properly like some disability or challenged physically. People who have undergone a nervous disorder, disease, fracture, or injury are suitable for this type of crutch.

Its soft gel-based top handle lets a comfortable grip to the user. The handle is nice to touch, presents better load-bearing abilities and reduced fatigue. This device comes with PU or PVC pod that makes it long-lasting.


  • Higher load-bearing capabilities
  • Loaded with features that improve functionality
  • Highly comfortable
  • Pleasing aesthetics


  • None so far

2. FS Imported Elbow Crutch (Adjustable Handle and Height)

FS Imported Elbow Crutch

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Elbow Crutch by FS is another top-rated crutch in the market that is highly beneficial for elder people and injured patients. This crutch cane is designed to be perfect assistance for those who have bi-lateral limb orthosis. This crutch provides them enhanced quality stability and support to the patients. Its sturdy aluminum construction and light in weight, this crutch comes with complete forearm support.

It is lined with “PU lined etha-foam”. FS Imported Elbow Crutch is made in accordance with the biomechanical principle to result in proper distribution of weight. Plastic sleeves provided in this device helps in lowering the friction present between lower as well as upper tube. Suction Poly Vinyl Coated bush aids in offering better gripping on any surface


  • FS elbow crutch is adjustable and it provides comfortable support.
  • It comes with an independent cuff height and handles height adjustments.
  • This crutch comprises of one inch of solid composite cuffs.
  • It is made using light in weight anodized aluminum.
  • FS elbow crutch offers extra relaxed hand grips.


  • None so far

3. Vissco Astra Max Elbow Crutches (1 Pair)

Vissco Astra Max Elbow Crutches

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Vissco Astra is easy to use and highly durable elbow crutches and Auxillary crutch. It is manufactured from light in weight superior quality aluminum material. The rubber foam-based grip and superior quality soft plastic parts provide more convenience to the user at the time of walking. Using this crutch, you are sure to enjoy unlimited mobility.

Vissco Astra underarm crutch comes with a strong and robust polymer handle that makes it appropriate for 140 kg body weight.  This crutch looks anatomical, streamlined and aesthetically pleasing.

Its height is easy to adjust using its soft plastic molded handle that lies at the top. This provides greater load-bearing capabilities, even support to your elbow and reduced fatigue.


  • Excellent functioning,
  • Convenient size customization and,
  • Improved aesthetics.
  • Flipping elbow grip that holds elbow tightly, and reduces the possibilities of an accident


None so far

4. Smart Care Walking Stick (SC933L)

Smart Care Walking Stick

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Walking stick by Smart Care is helpful for people who have poor balance and/or suffering from bi-lateral limb orthosis. This stick is made to be light in weight and robust. Users who use this device are sure to get benefited from heightened stability to allow normal movement.

This stick is made ergonomically which helps in offering a greater level of support, durability, and comfort for users with partial weight-bearing abilities. This crutch is an ideal device to assist senior people. It provides them the much need support to walk on their own. This crutch has got an elegant look and is most suitable for weakened balance walking.

Due to its transparency, walking stick by Smart Care offers anti-slip properties and improved aesthetics. Excellent workmanship can be seen in the form of excellent functioning, improved aesthetics, and easy size customization.


  • Strong and durable.
  • Easy adjustment of height
  • Anti-slip pods.
  • Made from premium grade of Stick.


None so far

5. FS Elbow Crutch with Tripod -Chrome & Black handle 3-in-1 usage

FS Elbow Crutch with Tripod

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It is a premium quality elbow crutch that comes with a tripod. You can use it in three ways as a walking stick, a tripod, and an elbow crutch cane. It offers maximum stability to a person and is ideal for those whose height is above 5.5ft.

FS’s three in one crutch comes with a polymer-based handle that is designed to be strong and robust for a person with 110 kg body weight. You will find it aesthetically pleasing, streamlined and anatomical. This device comes with an adjustable height feature that provides enhanced load-bearing capabilities, uniform assistance to elbow and higher confidence.


  • Double adjustment at elbow length and height.
  • Fiber elbow and comfortable teal color grip.
  • It can bear 110 kg of body weight.
  • Nice rubber grip present at the bottom.
  • Lightweight just about 300gms.
  • Sturdy
  • Suitable recovering from an ankle injury.


None so far

How To Choose The Right Elbow Crutches – Guide

Elbow Crutches Buying Guide
Wrong use of a crutch or an inappropriate selection of crutch can cause injury to a person. It can make a person bedridden for a couple of weeks too. This makes it very beneficial for people to properly understand the various features of crutches and other aspects that are important to be considered at the time of making a buying decision.

3 Types of crutches

1. Underarm crutches

These are the commonest types of crutches that are seen among people. These crutches come with a padded top layer that fits below the arms of the user. Hands grip in the mid-region of the shaft. User needs to propel their body in the forward direction while moving the crutches.

The other name of these crutches is called Auxillary crutches. They are quite an inexpensive form of crutches that offer weight-bearing ambulation. These crutches can be tough to use. If you choose the wrong fit of this type of crutch, then it can lead to compression in the nerve or axillary artery.

So, to avoid this issue, it is needed to test them at the test before you buy it. The height of these crutches gives ample space in between the axilla and the crutch.

2. Forearm crutches

This type of crutches has got shackles in them that goes all around the arms and also grips that stick from the tube. As the name suggests, the forearm crutch displaces the entire body weight to the forearms in place of the upper arms and shoulders. Due to this reason, it needs lesser strength of the upper body to use it.

Forearm crutches consist of a cuff that lies around the area of distal handgrips and proximal forearm. This enables bilateral upper-level extreme support with irregular weight-bearing. This enables the hands of the patient to remain free without any need to drop the equipment. One good thing about this type of crutch is that, when it is used on stairs, its use seems to be less awkward as compared to the Auxiliary crutch.

3. Hands-free crutches

This type of crutch is seen less in the market as compared to the underarm and forearm types of crutches. If you are undergoing any injury, then a hands-free crutch would be appropriate for your use. A hands-free crutch keeps the knee of the user in a slightly bent position. It has got metal support that goes to the ground so as to assist in keeping the body balanced.

The major benefit of this kind of equipment is that you do not require to make use of your hands to displace your body. The body of the user takes a learning curve while using it. This type of crutch is ideal for those who are injured. It is beneficial for ankle and lower leg injuries.


Crutches have to be comfortable, with rubber grips present on the feet and nonslip handles that prevent the device from getting slipped while you walk.

Price of crutch

You need to compare crutch on the base of the price too. The basic level of underarm crutches can come between $15 to $45. On the other hand, forearm crutches cost you a little bit more. Its price ranges between $40 to $100. A hands-free crutch is pricier than the other two types of crutches. The cheapest crutch models begin at a price of around $150.

Physical strength

The selection of the right device is also based on the strength, vestibular function, endurance, vision, and cognitive function of a person.


Crutches are immensely beneficial for elders and patients as it provides them weight-bearing support and a good amount of balance.

The selection of this device needs a lot of care and consideration of important factors. We hope the above information helps you find your perfect one.