India is the foundation of the human race. It is the homeland of human speech. It’s also the mother of olden times, the grandmother of folklore, as well as the great grandmother of strong belief. The most valued and most informative resources in the history of humankind are cherished up in India alone. These aren’t our own words; it is from the great Mark Twain, which we can all agree.

India is one of the firstborn societies across the world with a multi-colored diversity and amusing cultural legacy. It has attained multifaceted socio-economic development since Independence.

As the seventh-largest nation in the realm, India stands separately from the rest in Asia, labeled off as it is by the sea and mountains, which provide the country with a different topographical entity. With that in mind, we can say that the state also covers various facts that not everyone knows.

India Crazy Facts

Have you ever known that India was an island over 100 million years in the past? Around 50 million years before, it bumped into the Asian mainland, and thus, the Himalayas were born. Interesting, isn’t it? With more than a billion individuals from all varieties of ethnicities and religions, India isn’t only the second most inhabited nation. Still, it also takes in store some astounding facts and accomplishments under its belt.

The Longest Hair For a Teenager is Over 6 feet Long


At six years old, Nilanshi Patel, an Indian teenager, had her precious hair cut short for the first time. She hated it and immediately regretted the idea of cutting it. That one bad experience ended in her vow never to cut her hair again.

It has been ten years after she initiated her pact, and her beautiful dark hair has since been growing. It is currently 6 feet, 2.8 inches in length— making the teen a recognized holder of the Guinness World Record for having the most extended hair. How’s it for some crazy facts about the real-life Rapunzel?

First and Only Female Prime Minister


The first and only female Prime Minister of India was Indira Gandhi. Gandhi was the daughter of India’s first prime minister, Jawaharlal Nehru. Wait, did you think she’s the child of leader Mahatma Gandhi? Well, no, although her surname suggests. The female Prime Minister worked from 1966-1977 and was reappointed in 1980 before being murdered in 1984 she was still in office.

The First President only Acquired 50% of his Salary


During the time Dr. Rajendra Prasad was chosen as India’s President, he only acquired 50% of his salary, saying he did not need more than 50%. Towards the conclusion of his 12-year occupancy, he only got 1/4 of his salary. Back then, the income of the President of India was RS 10,000.

The Land of Many ‘Firsts’


A plethora of concepts and objects initiated in India, beginning from the snakes and ladders to chess, shampooing, and buttons. Moreover, India was also the home for the zero, trigonometry, diamond mining, and algebra, along with the discovery of the existence of water on the moon. Okay, isn’t this a thought-provoking detail about India?

The Small Community of Madhopatti is Named the ‘Officer’s Town of India.’


A tiny community in the Jaunpur area of Uttar Pradesh, this Madhopatti has formed history by creating the most number of IAS officers. With approximately more than 70 households, it has given up to 47 officers to Indian management. Well, not only that, but several from the same community have created their professions by joining high-status organizations such as ISRO, World Bank, and Bhabha Atomic Research Centre.

Lunch Boxes by Bike and Train


Mumbai’s dabbawalas transport more than 200,000 lunch packages by train and bike from home to different offices every day. In a complicated scheme, every person obtains the precise tiffin box jam-packed with hot food arranged by their own family. In the afternoon, their empty lunch boxes are secured and given back home again. There’s even a movie that is centered on this marvel, 2013’s The Lunchbox.

Indian Railways are the Biggest Employer on the Planet


With almost 1.5 million workforces, India’s state-maintained railway network maneuvers an extensive, wide-ranging system that encompasses through the state for hundreds of thousands of distances per mile. More than eight billion travelers make use of the railways every year.

India has 22 Official Languages


If two casual Indians encounter each other on the street, there’s just less than a 40% chance that they can comprehend the things they talk with each other as India has over 20 official languages.

These languages include Urdu, Telugu, Tamil, Sindhi, Santali, Sanskrit, Punjabi, Odia, Nepali, Marathi, Meitei, Malayalam, Maithili, Konkani, Kashmiri, Kannada, Hindi, Gujarati, Dogri, Bodo, Bengali, and Assamese.

The Cow is Considered as India’s Holy Animal


In the land of India, cows are adored as a motherly figure, abundance of mother earth, and nourishing cows or subsidizing cow living quarters are sacred acts. They recognize that these creations are home of life-supporting milk, and eating or slaughtering them is reflected to be a great sin. The Indian people do this as being grateful to our Mother Earth.

74% of Females in India Favors Arranged Marriage


More or less 74% of Indian ladies nowadays still choose the decided marriage arrangement in which relatives and parents will pick out who they consider is the best for their daughter or sons as a lifetime companion.  The success percentage between following the parents’ choice as opposed to your own heart’s aspiration, amazingly, proves and shows that arranged marriage is very successful.

The Earliest Diamond in the World


It is supposed that the first diamond documented and excavated was found in the vast land of India in the middle of massive sedimentary deposits on the bank of rivers Godavari and Krishna. Some of the Earth’s most significant diamonds, at the moment, also originated in India.

Introduction of Shampoo to the world


Among the myriad facts about India, this truth is one is the major cradle of astonishment. The earliest ever shampoo was used by residents in India. Dried gooseberry combined with lots of other herbs were utilized to wash hair, a formula that’s still used in the nation even up to this day. The term ‘shampoo’ is devised from the Hindi term, shampoo.


India is a country that often entices stereotyping and generalizations, but more frequently, it challenges them. After all, it’s a massive and wide-ranging place with the linguistic, culinary, sartorial, and genetic mixture which are typically found in a continent.

More than 1.1 billion individuals live in India, from the heavenly beaches of Goa and the deserts of Rajasthan to the urbanite cities of Kolkata and Mumbai, as well as the Keralan tea farmsteads. With such an enormous assortment of religion, culture, and landscapes, India is a mesmerizing place to stopover and learn a little extra about with attention-grabbing facts associated with it.