Are you thinking about buying a new lavatory? We are here to help you with that. A bath is a long-lasting product that you need to use every day. You buy it one time and then will use it for many years. Therefore you should check all the functions carefully and after that take the final decision to buy it.

Some essential features must exist in your bath. Here we provide all those features and their importance as follows:

1. Dimensions and Rough-In Space:

First of all, you should measure the space available for the facilities in your bathroom. After that, you should check the aspects of various models. Only then can you check if your selected bath will fit in your bathroom or not.

The rough-in space is the primary detail to check in your bathroom. The distance between the drainage and the wall behind the toilet is known as rough in the area. The rough-in of your bathroom and your selected toilet must be the same; otherwise, it will create trouble.

The standard rough-in space is 12-inch, but some bathrooms have 10-inch or 14-inch rough-in. It would be best if you chose the matching rough in a toilet for your bathroom. If the bathroom has a different rough-in size than your bathroom, you will need to use a Uni-Fit or Rough In Converter.

The experts recommend that you should buy the toilet with the same rough-in as your bathroom. It will be easier to install, and the connection will be long-lasting. By doing this, you will face fewer issues of leaking and repairs in the future.

2. Toilet Height:


A standard WC comes with a 14-15-inch bowl height, which is suitable for regular users. The lavatory brands provide two height options i.e., standard height and the right height. The right height or comfort height lavatories are taller than standard ones.

The comfort height baths have a bowl height of 16.5-inch or higher. This height increases to 17+ inches when the toilet seat is added to it. Such tall height is designed according to the toilet height standards of ADA i.e., Americans with Disabilities Act.

When you take a look at a new toilet, you should check its height. If you have any disabled person or an elderly with knee joint pain issue, then the comfort height bath is suitable. In case your family members are comfortable with the standard height, then you should buy that toilet. You can check the best tall toilet reviews here.

3. Water Consumption:

The new models use only 1.28 gallons of water per flush, which is better than 1.6 GPF lavatories. There are some latest models that consumers only 1.0 GPF water, which is considered as one of the best water-saving bathrooms for home.

Based on water consumption, the WC are given titles and certifications. The 1.28 GPF facilities are known as EPA WaterSense and High-Efficiency, while the 1.0 GPF facilities are called EPA WaterSense plus Ultra High-Efficiency showers.

It would be best if you considered the water consumption of your selected toilet. You must choose the one that uses less water and provides excellent performance. It will help you to save water and reduce your water bill amount. So you will save water and save money with a water-efficient WC.

4. Single Flush or Dual Flush:


The bath models are available in two flush systems i.e., single flush and dual flush. The only difference between these two systems is a number of flushes. The unique flush system uses the same amount of water for all kinds of waste, while the dual flush system has two separate flushes.

On a dual flush lavatory, you will find two buttons. One button is for half a flush that uses only 0.8 or 0.9 GPF water. It is useful for removing liquid waste (urine). The second button is for full flush action that uses 1.28 or 1.6 GPF water. It works effectively to eliminate solid waste from the bowl.

It would be best if you prefer a dual flush toilet over a single flush lavatory. Because it saves a lot of water by providing the half flush and full flush options.

5. Flushing System:

The flushing system plays a vital role in the performance of the bath. When you take a look at various toilet models, you will find different flush systems. It can be Tornado Flush (Double Cyclone), G-Max, E-Max, Siphon Jet Action, Gravity Fed, Pressure Assisted, or any other.

The flushing system and mechanism are based on the lavatory brand you select. No matter which flushes system WC you choose, you should check if its flush is powerful enough to eliminate the waste in bulk. Only then you should finalize that lavatory to buy for your bathroom.

6. Bowl Shape:


Do you want extra legroom while sitting on your toilet seat? I wound recommend you to get an elongated bowl toilet. The elongated bowl is longer in-depth and provides a comfortable sitting experience to the user of all age groups.

It is not necessary to buy a toilet with an elongated bowl. There are two more options available i.e., round front bowl and oval-shaped bowl. These two shapes take up less space than the elongated container. So you can choose any of them to save space or go with an elongated bowl described above.

7. Price and Warranty:

After going through all the features, you have reached the price point. It would be best if you also took care of your wallet. Therefore the bath you select should be in your budget or I would say that you should buy a bathroom that has all the functions and its price is also in your budget range.

You should choose a WC that provides at least one year warranty on its material and craft. The warranty will be helpful when any manufacturing fault is found in your bathroom, if any, within the warranty period.

If your lavatory has a manufacturing fault and is under warranty, the manufacturer company will provide complete repair or replacement service at free of cost. Therefore you should check the warranty information carefully while choosing a suitable model.

In the end, I must tell you that you should also check your needs and priority. If it does not have all the above-given features, it is okay. If it fulfills all your needs, then you can buy it for your family. Just make sure it is of good quality and uses optimum water.

Selection is now quite easy and simple for you. Because you know which points you need to check in a toilet.