Show business is not always so beautiful as it may seem. Not all those who want the opportunity for their five minutes of fame get it – especially if they come from Asia. It is much harder for them in Hollywood because they have to prove themselves all the time and over and over again. However, some of them have succeeded in this mission, and gained worldwide fame and big money. Let’s see who they are …

Profession – Actor


An acting call is not easy at all. It takes a lot of effort, work, talent, and persistence. Sometimes the actors have to change their appearance to the extreme, whether they cut their hair to bald, drastically get fat or lose weight. Others, however, must master skills such as playing an instrument, skating, flying an aircraft, martial arts, or something completely different.

When it comes to Asian actors, the first association is certainly martial arts legends like Bruce Lee or great actors from older school movies that we loved like Toshiro Mifune. Still, times have changed and some other movie genres have come to the fore.

This, however, did not prevent actors of Asian descent from combining their talents for drama, comedy but also martial arts – and from that to create their famous name and great wealth.

How Is It To Be An Asian Actor In Hollywood?


A lot of people want to get into acting, but only a few get the opportunity to work and make a living out of it. These few selected actors are seeing acting as something more than just a passion. For them, it is a way of life. In Hollywood, male actors originally from Asia have made a real craft out of it all and have suffered many things because of their work.

For men, there are specific standards for success in Hollywood – from physical fitness to the other criteria. To be a successful actor, one must be prepared for many renunciations and hard work. Especially as Asian actors are viewed with the stereotype of a perfect knowledge of martial arts that is still highly-priced in Hollywood today. Each of these men deserved all the money he earned as well as the title of the richest male actor. And who are the richest Asian actors – we’ll reveal to you right now …

The Richest Asian Actors

1. Jackie Chan


He is one of the favorite faces from the big screen. A man who is as talented for comedy as any other Hollywood’s famous comedians, but is, therefore, an unrivaled martial arts king. We all know he is an ingenious actor and our generations have grown up with his films. Jackie Chen has a career of over 57 years. He has appeared in more than 150 films, without doubles, which has allowed him to earn a fortune. Last year, the 66-year-old actor ranked 5th in the Forbes list of highest-paid actors, just ahead of Bradley Cooper and Adam Sendler.

Of course, Jackie was followed with many rumors throughout his career – from the stories that he found himself in dangerous situations while filming, to the point that he decided not to leave any of his wealth to his children. Is any of that true – read more here. According to some sources, Chan earned $ 58 million in 2019. Most of the money comes from Chinese films. It is estimated to “weigh” $ 400 million.

2. Chow-Yun-Fat


The actor who won the Oscar for “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”, is known for his very normal and humble life, spending only $ 100 a month. Chow Jun Fat said he would donate his fortune to charities after his death. Despite being listed by Forbes as one of the top-paid actors, whose fortune is estimated at $ 700 million, Chow Yun Fat can be seen on Hong Kong’s streets taking the city bus or waiting in line to buy a movie ticket.

The actor fondly referred to as “Brother Fat ” in Hong Kong – is extremely popular in his hometown and, unlike many rich people, he is known for his humble life. His wife Jasmine Tan fully supports him in this decision. She says that her husband often likes to eat at street fast food places and that he – with heavy hearts – replaced his old “Nokia” mobile phone when it stopped working after many years.

3. Kamal Haasan


A film actor, producer, philanthropist, and TV personality, well known and respected in India and the entire Asian continent. He presented his talents even beyond the borders of Asia. His work is predominantly related to the Tamil film industry, but he also deals with the job of TV host as well as in the music industry. He is one of the few entertainers who needn’t bother with a presentation anyplace in India.

The vocation of entertainer Kamal Haasan started during the 1960s when he was a young artist. However, after a fruitful professional success in the South, Hassan has spread his wings and has been very productive in his work in a few significant film businesses in India, including Bollywood. While a portion of his greatest Bollywood hits came during the 1980s, Haasan proceeded to discharge films in Bollywood through a few multilingual undertakings.

4. Salman Khan


This 53-year-old is one of the biggest acting stars of Indian Bollywood. It is said to be one of the most legendary Bollywood actors with a large number of fans in its homeland. Salman Khan has played lead roles in more than 90 Hindi films, but he has long been followed in Bollywood by a reputation as a bad guy, known for clashes with police and turbulent relationships with women.

5. Shah Rukh Khan


For some known as “King of Bollywood”, he is one of the richest movie stars in the world. He has starred in over 75 Hindi films and numerous other international titles. He is considered to be one of the richest people in the world, but at the same time, he is generous with his money. His philanthropic efforts have greatly assisted organizations such as UNESCO.