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Q: What is the best wired mouse under 500?

A: Best Wired Mouse Under 500 Rank Mouse 1 Dell MS116 2 HP X1000 3 Logitech M235 Wireless Mouse 4 HP X500 4 more rows …

Q: Which is the best gaming mouse under 500 INR in India?

A: Dell MS116 is an ideal choice for users looking for heavy usage. If you need a stylish mouse with a beautiful design on your desk then HP X1000 is an awesome choice for you with a price tag of Rs. 249. HP X500 is one of the best gaming mice under 500 INR and is a performance-oriented mouse.

Q: Is a wired mouse good for gaming?

A: Wired Mouse generally comes in all ranges of prices from even a very low budget and even a premium mouse with a high price range. Wired Mouse is excellent for Gamers and all different kinds of work. These mouses can be of general USB type or Gaming USB wired type with advanced Gaming features.

Q: Is the HP X500 a good mouse?

A: HP X500 is another good mouse in this price segment from HP. It is a wired mouse with USB connectivity. It has 1 Years National Warranty. What we found as Pros? It has a good grip and feels good to work with. It can handle your daily work and heavy tasks flawlessly. What we found as Cons? 7. AmazonBasics USB Wired Mouse