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Q: Which is the best keypad mobile under 5000 in India?

A: List of Best Keypad Mobiles Under 5000 in India Keypad mobile Under 5000 Models Prices ( Rs.) Nokia 220 4G 2,990 Nokia 3310 New 3,499 Nokia 216 Dual SIM 2,450 Samsung Metro B350E 3,000 6 more rows …

Q: Which is the best keypad mobile phone in 2019?

A: Keypad Mobile List (2019) Nokia 8110 4G Reliance JioPhone Samsung Guru Music 2 Nokia 216 Dual SIM Nokia 150 Dual SIM Samsung Metro B350E Nokia 3310 New Samsung Guru Plus B110E Nokia 220 Dual SIM Nokia 106 2018

Q: What are the best phones to buy under Rs 5000?

A: The 10.or D2 is one of the best phones to buy under Rs 5000 as it comes with stock Android making the software lightweight enough to offer smooth operations.

Q: What is the price of keypad mobile in India 2024?

A: Keypad Mobile List (2024) Keypad Mobile List Prices Samsung Metro B350E Rs. 3,000 Nokia 215 2024 Rs. 3,099 Samsung E1200 Rs. 1,100 Samsung Guru Plus B110E Rs. 1,375 6 more rows …