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Q: What can I do with 5000 dollars a month?

A: What You Can Buy With $5,000. 1 1. Pay Off Credit Card Debt. The average American household with credit card debt owes about $15,000. If this is you, making only the monthly minimum … 2 2. Get a Cat. 3 3. Start a Business. 4 4. Take Your Inner Geek on a Vacation of a Lifetime. 5 5. Bank It. More items

Q: What are the best smart home products available under Rs 5000?

A: Here are some smart home products for your home available under Rs 5,000… Syska smart plug can be purchased at Rs 1,999. It connects with the WiFi and can be switched on/off from your smartphones or connected smart speaker or smart display. Oakter WiFi smart plug is available from Amazon India at Rs 3,490.

Q: Which is the best gadgets under 5000 Rs?

A: If you want your loved ones to stay happy and healthy during this festive season then the MI Band HRX Edition is the best top gadget under 5000 Rs. that you should get home instantly. It also features a clock, notifications, alerts and alarms.

Q: What is the best small business to start with $5000?

A: There are a number of low-overhead businesses you could start with a $5,000 or smaller investment, many of them work-from-home gigs such as being a virtual assistant (expenses include computer, phone, Internet, and possibly training and marketing). You could also buy a small franchise, such as a hot dog cart, for $5,000 or less. 4.