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Q: Which is the best keypad phone under 2000?

A: Nokia has found and nurtured success over the years whether it is the best Keypad phones under 2000 etc. We have been bonafide customers of Nokia for years. This comes with a 1.8-inch (4.57 cm) display for visibility. This phone comes with a modern, ergonomic design that ensures long conversations and stays connected.

Q: Which is the best phone under RS 2000 in India?

A: The Samsung Guru series phones are quite popular and offer great features under Rs. 2000 in India. It comes with a 2-inch QQVGA display with a screen resolution of 128×160 pixels. We have listed below some really cool features below that the phone offers: Another amazing phone on our list is the Nokia 105.

Q: Which is the last phone under 2000 in the list?

A: The last phone under 2000 on our list is Samsung E1200. This phone has an anti-dust keypad and is also powered by ‘Quick Call Feature’. It comes with a 1.52-inch TFT display with a resolution of…

Q: What are the best dual SIM mobiles below 2000?

A: Dual SIM Mobiles below 2000 (2019) Samsung Guru Music 2 Nokia 150 Dual SIM Nokia 105 2019 Dual SIM Samsung Guru Plus B110E Nokia 106 2018 Nokia 105 Dual SIM 2017 Jivi Flip 6 Micromax X741 Lava A1 Lava A7