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Q: Which is the best gaming PC cabinet under 3000?

A: Best Gaming Pc Cabinet Under 3000 PC Cabinet Under Rs. 3000 No. Of Cooling Fan Corsair Carbide Series CC-9011050-WW Mid … 5 Circle CC 839 Professional Gaming Cabine … 5 Antec NX200 Mid Tower Gaming Cabinet 5 CHIPTRONEX GX1000 V2 Gaming PC Case 4 1 more rows …

Q: What is the price of GX1000 gaming PC cabinet in India?

A: This GX1000 Gaming pc cabinet priced around 2800 in India! and one of the best choices under 3000 for a gaming pc cabinet. Check More Details And Reviews On Amazon- CHIPTRONEX GX1000 V2 Mid Tower ATX Acrylic Side Window Gaming Cabinet

Q: What is a mid-tower gaming PC cabinet?

A: It’s a mid-tower gaming pc cabinet which can be used for both users, who are building pc exclusively for gaming and for those who are building pc for video editing purpose. As this is a mid-size pc cabinet so, you can fit almost anywhere! it takes very less space compared to a full-size gaming pc cabinet or case.

Q: How much does it cost to build a PC cabinet in India?

A: After selecting the right hardware the cabinet or computer cabinet os required! the cost of cabinet varies from 1000, 2000 to up to 10000 In India. You have to select based on your purpose! If you are a building a gaming pc then a gaming pc cabinet will be a good choice for you!