Gadgets have long and firmly entered into all spheres of life. Mobile devices have formed a separate segment of the smart market, which is developing dynamically. The first smart bracelets were used as fitness trackers. Later, smartwatches appeared combining the functions of a bracelet and a smartphone.

They know a lot of interesting things: count calories and the number of steps taken, measure the pulse, complement the smartphone, and much more. Although some of them tolerate water well, thanks to the built-in protection function, developers do not recommend diving into them.

Technology does not stand still, and manufacturers offer sports watches for swimming.


Swimming bracelets provide swimmers with useful features while training in the pool. Among them:
Heart rate monitoring
-Lap counter
-Calculating the number of hand swings
-Support notification of incoming messages and calls
-Location tracking and others


What should be in the tracker for swimming:

-Reliable fastener so as not to bury your device in deep water
-High level of protection against water, and even better – absolute water resistance
-Functionality and application compatibility

Review of the best waterproof smartwatches

The ergonomic design of this representative waterproof gadgets allows you to do what is not available for other models. In the on-line mode, the owner receives a sound notification using a signal to monitor the position of the back and head.

This model was developed by swimmers, which allowed the creation of sensitive algorithms of high accuracy. As a result, you can trace the progress of the training literally in seconds. The results are easily posted on pages on social networks.

There is a huge amount of waterproof smartwatches on the market, click here to view current models. This tracker will enhance the results of any athlete, both a beginner and a pro.

Apple watch

Apple watch today is one of the most active manufacturers in the technology market. Their products are developing rapidly. Although smartwatches have recently appeared in the developer’s line, they have a “premium” status. What I would like to note is the impeccable operation of the heart rate sensor. You can dive to a depth of 50 meters.

TOMTOM Multisport

This model is designed for classes in the pool. The watch has very flexible settings, so they will become an ideal partner in the water. The developers have relied on the motivation of athletes and have not missed. In swimming mode, the smartwatch will track the lap count and the number of calories burned during training. For an open reservoir, they are not very suitable, since the calculation is based on the perimeter of the pool and the number of circles.

Swimovate poolmate live

If you need an inexpensive watch in the pool, this model is perfect for tracking workouts and does not bite your wallet too much, since it belongs to the budget category. Calculates the number of circles, and waved hands, distance traveled, speed and pace of the workout. Unlike the previous model, it supports swimming in open water. To do this, update the software to the latest version.

Garmin vivoactive

Lightweight and ultra-thin swimming watch. The manufacturer’s experience has allowed us to create a rather interesting model. The device can be used not only in the aquatic environment but also for jogging and while playing golf. The watch will send your workout metrics to your smartphone, inform you of incoming calls and messages. The color display has a high resolution, this allows you to maintain good visibility even in bright sunlight.

Garmin swim

The main purpose for which they were developed is training in the pool. All that is needed is to enter the pool length in the field and start the training. The device itself will perform the calculation of laps, waved hands, performance, determine the chosen swimming style. Data can be downloaded and analyzed in real-time, thanks to the support of wireless technology. The model can withstand immersion up to 50 meters, and one battery charge is enough for about a year.

Moov now

A bracelet for swimming in the pool that can track several sports. Waterproof, also equipped with dust protection. Charging is enough for about 6 months. A 9-axis motion sensor will analyze 3-D motion. The device registers the following indicators:

-Wings and their pace
-Distance in one move
-Duration of the swim in time
-Time relax
-Calories Burned

The tracker’s profile is swimming, but this is not the limit of its capabilities. It is suitable for the following sports:

-Bicycle riding
-Sports walking.

Finis swimsens

Watches for swimming in the pool, which was developed by the manufacturer specifically for professional swimmers. Intelligent algorithms will track the progress of the workout, track the distance traveled, build a graph of hand swings and, will analyze the performance, pace, and calories burned. There is the ability to synchronize data to popular sports sites or download them to the application.

Jaybird reign

This model of a sports tracker will easily understand when you are running, swimming or cycling. Calculates indicators of physical activity and sends data to a special application. A distinctive feature is the ability to analyze the quality and duration of sleep. The device itself will calculate the required amount of sleep per day.


fitness tracker for swimming, which is able to replace a personal trainer. It monitors the progress of the training and motivates you to activity. Designed specifically for swimmers, which affected the features. The model is equipped with intelligent sensors, speed meters is fully compatible with popular applications for athletes. There are the rotation and shaking sensors, this allows you to control the device through simple movements, which is convenient during training. Fully compatible with the “android” measures the speed for a given time, distance traveled and much more.

Xiaomi MI

A Chinese company has appeared on the technology market relatively recently. The brand first announced itself in 2010, and since then has not ceased to amaze with its rapid development. However, its main direction is the production of tablets and smartphones.

The Xiaomi MI waterproof swimming bracelet belongs to the budget category. Of the advantages of the device are:

-Low cost just over $ 20
-Reliable clasp and interchangeable straps included
-Quite a high level of water resistance
-The gadget can work for a month without recharging
-Receive vibration notifications

To summarize

We reviewed the main waterproof watches on the market. Make a quality choice and do it wisely.