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Q: Which is the best dual SIM phone under 1500?

A: The 6 Best Dual Sim Phone under 1500 1 Nokia 106. Nokia has always been known for the durability, reliability and value proposition offered by all its models. 2 Micromax X772. When we talk about the best phone under 1500, we have to include at least one Micromax entry-level phone. 3 Forme L5 Super Mini. …

Q: Which is the best Nokia mobile under 1500 in India?

A: List of Best Nokia Mobiles Under 1500 in India Nokia mobile Under 1500 Models Prices ( Rs.) Nokia 105 2019 1,199 Nokia 105 2019 Dual SIM 1,249 Nokia 106 2018 1,499 Nokia 105 2017 1,000 5 more rows …

Q: Do Nokia mobiles below 1500 have a camera?

A: Whereas there are a few Nokia mobiles below 1500 with a camera, most of the models do not have a camera. Instead, a few Nokia mobiles below 1500 come with an mp3 player that allows them to get access to playing MP3 files on the go. Here are our consolidated Nokia mobiles under 1500 price list that you can choose from.

Q: Why should you buy a Nokia mobile phone?

A: Nokia wants its users to go from sunrise to sunset on one full charge all the while calling, messaging, listening to the radio, using the calculator, setting the alarm, and not once worry about the battery. Even Nokia mobile low price 1000 to 1500 is a great option for anyone looking to own a sturdy, reliable and value-for-money model.