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Q: How is the battery life of Micromax Mobile phone in 1500 rupees?

A: The latest Micromax mobile phone in 1500 Rupees comes with a powerful 3000-mAh battery. Yet, it weighs only 120 grams. As the brand claims, the 3000-mAh battery after being 100% charge would last up to either 4-hours of calling or 7 days of standby. That proves that the battery is incredibly juicy.

Q: Are Micromax phones any good?

A: Micromax phones are highly applauded for their value for money products. In the year 2008, the company came up with its very first phone. Further, it manufactured feature phones that offered good battery backup and basic multimedia aspects.

Q: Which is the best mobile phone under 1500 rupees?

A: Undoubtedly It is one of the mobile phones under 1500 Rupees on the market currently. The A7 dual SIM mobile phone is the newest and one of the best lava feature phones under 1500 Rupees. It has a solid build, a good-looking design, a powerful battery and lots of features & functions.

Q: Is Micromax x739 mobile phone safe to use?

A: Further, the Micromax X739 mobile phone has the Auto Call Recording feature to record all incoming and outgoing calls. This is a great feature to collect judicially approved evidence against fringe elements in society. All the recorded calls will be stored on the external memory.