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Q: Which is the best keyboard under Rs 5000?

A: The Corsair K55 is the second-best keyboard under Rs 5,000 in India after the Logitech G213 keyboard. The Corsair K55 keyboard doesn’t have mechanical keys and there is no support for software that means, everything needs to be done on a keyboard.

Q: How much does a gaming keyboard cost in India?

A: Here we have considered a budget of Rs. 5,000 for this gaming keyboard list. We see the inclusion of some well-known brands like Asus, Razer and Corsair.

Q: What is the best mechanical keyboard to buy?

A: Redragon Varuna K559 The K559 is perhaps the most versatile keyboard of the list. It has Cherry MX Green equivalent custom mechanical CIY (Change It Yourself) keys which can be plugged out and inserted in without soldering.

Q: What is a thus mechanical keyboard?

A: Thus is the mechanical keyboard that utilizes the full-size mechanical keyboard along with the blue switches. With this piece, you can rest assured that it will be tactile, durable, as well as faster.