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Q: Which is the best keypad phone under 1000?

A: Lava A1 (Glossy Blue): Best Keypad Phones Under 1000 7. Lava A9 (Midnight Black) –Best Small Mobile Phone 8. Karbonn KX3 (Black-Red) –Best Keypad Phone 1. Nokia 105 (Single SIM, Black)

Q: Which is the best mobile phone under 1000 rupees?

A: The K49 is one of few selected, branded phones under 1000 Rupees with a 2.4-Inch screen. It features a BOOMBOX speaker that produces loud & clear sound. Ringtone of this phone is so loud that even your neighbor will hear incoming call ring.

Q: What is the minimum screen size for a keypad phone?

A: Generally, the size of the display is 1.8 inches under 1000 budget phones. Display size is actually crucial for eyes. For keypad phones, screen size is crucial; one must not compromise any screen space for its keypad.

Q: What is the advantage of keypad mobile phones in 2000?

A: What is the advantage of keypad mobile phones in 2000? What is in the post? In the era of smartphones, keypad phones are still convenient as they provide all the basic functions which an individual requires. Communication is the basic thing that connects a person from its home to everywhere.