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Q: What are the best cheap gas stoves?

A: Inexpensive but perfectly capable of cooking dinner, it has better features than most other cheap gas ranges. *At the time of publishing, the price was $630. Our favorite budget-friendly gas range is the Whirlpool WFG320M0B. It usually costs around $600 and has better specs and owner ratings than competing stoves at its price.

Q: How many BTUs is a Frigidaire stove?

A: Most gas ranges also have a 5,000 Btu simmer burner. Most manufacturers are mum about how low this burner turns down, but Frigidaire told us that theirs can get as low as 500 Btu, and we’d imagine it’s a similar figure on other brands’ stoves.

Q: What kind of gas range should I buy?

A: Whether you want a specific brand, like a Whirlpool ® gas range, GE gas range or Samsung gas range, or if you simply want a certain style, like a double oven gas range or a slide-in gas range, our assortment includes options for every lifestyle. Also, be sure to check your space in case you need a specific size, like a 36-inch gas range.

Q: How many BTUs does a whirlpool gas range have?

A: The Whirlpool Freestanding Gas Range comes equipped with five sealed burners putting out 5,000 to 15,000 BTUs under its continuous cast iron grates. It excelled in our simmer testing, which means you can leave sauce warming on the stove as you continue cooking the rest of the meal without worrying if it will scorch.