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Q: Which is the best gaming mouse under Rs 1000?

A: Fortunately, there are many gaming mice under Rs 1000 available for you to check out. While they won’t have every single feature out there, you should be able to find one with just the right combination of features that will satisfy your immediate needs. 01. Redragon NOTHOSAUR M606

Q: What is the best red gaming mouse for pro players?

A: With two customizable thumb buttons, the Redragon NOTHOSAUR M606 is a fierce red coloured gaming mouse for pro players. The ergonomic design makes it easier to steer through the controls and land some hits in the game. The matte finish provides an impressive external finish that catches the eye.

Q: What is the FPS of the Logitech gaming mouse?

A: The mouse also has a high frame rate of 4000 FPS. The cable is fiber-knit and also features a magnetic ring, ensuring that the mouse is immune to rough use while gaming.

Q: Is hp g360 a good mouse for gaming?

A: HP G360 is a mouse with unique features that makes it perfect for high-intensity programming and computer gaming. It consists of two programmable buttons, quick response time, adjustable weight, and high sensitivity. It is an ideal mouse that can take gamers like you to the best gaming and entertainment levels.