Shopping online has become a part of our daily routine, especially at the beginning of this year since the whole world was under lockdown. People tended to not leave their houses unless they have too, and some were even ordering food and groceries online. There are many websites that sell groceries online, but, today, in this article, we are going to be comparing two of the biggest grocery shopping stores in the world. Yes, you have got that right, Flipkart and Amazon.

Let’s begin the comparison and see who will win this Flipkart grocery VS Amazon grocery battle.

The availability of the apps and user-friendliness


Both of these applications are totally free and available to people from around the world. Besides the groceries, both of these websites can offer you many other things such as clothing, gadgets, and many more…

Both of these websites are fighting in order to win the title of the first shopping website in India and worldwide. We think that, since both applications are really available to anyone and anyone can make an account and order something, both of them definitely get the points for that.

On the other hand, Flipkart’s whole website has blue and white colors mixed up, which means that this company is super friendly and will do anything to please their customers and make them comfortable. Amazon’s colors are yellow and black, which tells us that this is a serious company that likes to show its audience and customers that they are true professionals.

We have to say that both of these company’s websites look pretty friendly and nice. Their staff is also working 24/7 and is always available to answer their customer’s inquiries and questions.

Logging and Signing in


When you wish to create a new account on Flipkart you first must enter your phone number. Now, many people find this a huge problem, because why would a company want you to give your phone number just so that you can register. Other people do not have a problem with this and they are happy to use their phone number so that they could register faster.

Amazon will ask you for your email, name, and password while creating a new account. The sign-up process might last a bit longer on Amazon but trust us, it is definitely worth it.

The price and quality of the groceries


You are able to find the best deals and sales on groceries every day on both of these sites. Groceries are usually much cheaper online then they are in supermarkets. For instance, we have found organic Coconut Oil on Amazon for just seven dollars, regular coconut oil in supermarkets costs twice as much.

Flipkart usually has to buy one get one deal where you can get two products for the same price. We think that this is pretty cool because you can save a lot of money while shopping for groceries that way.

Flipkart has a wider range of groceries available to its customers. On the other hand, Amazon might be a little cheaper. But, if you want to have the ability to choose between many different products, brands, and prices, then you should definitely shop for groceries online at Flipkart.

Besides that, Flipkart is able to offer you many Indian traditional groceries, as well as all of the popular Indian food brands. We have also seen a wide range of Indian spices that can all be found on Flipkart.

Flipkart definitely gets all of the points when it comes to the range and a variety of different foods.

Also important to find the best quality of the product to purchase. Since online we can’t get a chance to touch and feel products, so always online reviews help to choose the right product and provides online reviews and will help to find the best products for online shoppers.

The delivery


We have to say that both of these websites offer fast grocery delivery. You even have the ability to ask for an emergency 24 hour delivery from both of these websites, which we found pretty useful. This is really a plus for both of these companies because we think that the delivery should be fast but still very professional. We do not want to receive a damaged package or ruined boxes, now do we? Some people have had trouble with Amazon saying that their delivery was late a few days, but everything ends up being fine in the end.

The cost of the delivery may vary. And we have to say that both of these websites have reasonable prices for delivery. If you want to receive your grocery package as soon as possible, it is only logical that the cost of the delivery will be higher. Express shipping costs a lot of money, and that’s only reasonable.

On the other hand, Flipkart offers free shipping delivery all across India, which we found really amazing. Some people tend to give up shopping after they see the prices of the shipping and the delivery and they often give up on their order, that is why Flipkart has more customers when it comes to grocery shopping.

Final words

In conclusion, we have to say that both of these websites are really good and professional. It is your personal choice whether or not you are going to like Flipkart or Amazon more. We have to say that, since Flipkart offers free shipping to India, that they have definitely caught our attention. The winner of this Flipkart grocery VS Amazon grocery battle can be both of these websites because of their amazing service, friendliness, and easy to handle websites. We will let you decide which one do you like more, we like both of them!