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Q: What kind of engine does a Ferrari Tipo 500 have?

A: Aurelio Lampredi, Ferrari’s chief designer had built an uncomplicated but superbly prepared car the Tipo 500. The car was powered by a simple in-line 4-cylinder twin-cam engine with two spark plugs per cylinder. This was installed into a welded-tube ladder-frame chassis with double-wishbone suspension at the front and a de Dion axle at the rear.

Q: Who built the first Ferrari Spider car?

A: The first of these cars was built by a young coachbuilder from Modena called Scaglietti and was inspired by a design created by Dino Ferrari to freshen up the look of the old 166 given to him by his father. The models built for sale to the public were the work of Pinin Farina who built around 15 of the spiders in all.

Q: Why did Ferrari build a supercharged F1 car in 1954?

A: Since a new 2.5-litre unblown/750cc supercharged Formula 1 would take effect in 1954 this would only serve as a stop-gap and seemed a prudent thing to do. Building upon a theme that would be repeated in the future Ferrari was well positioned to take advantage of the new rules.