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Q: Can you buy a good electric guitar for under $1000?

A: They also come in at a wide range of prices, and many great electric guitars can be bought for under $1000. And in this article, I want to focus on guitars that I think are the absolute best, including all-time classic models to up-and-coming game-changers.

Q: Is ESP LTD EC-1000 a good guitar?

A: You can think of ESP LTD EC-1000 as a high-end quality guitar but offered for just under $1000. For the price, the elegant black look with gold color hardware is shocking, and not only that, it has a very luxurious looking Pearloid Flags inlay on the fretboard.

Q: Who makes the best hollow body electric guitars?

A: Other companies like Epiphone, D’aquisto, Ibanez, Gretsch, Eastman started producing high-quality hollow body electric guitars. In the late 1950s, thinner versions of the hollow body guitars emerged onto the scene.

Q: What kind of humbuckers does the EC-1000 have?

A: Built for maximum power, EC-1000 features aggressive active EMG humbuckers. It has an EMG 60 humbucker for the neck and an EMG 81 humbucker for the bridge. It has two knobs for controlling the volume of each pickup, and a master tone knob to control the overall balance.