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Q: Which is the best bike in India under 5000?

A: This Hero Fashion 26T Cycle is the best bicycle in India under 5000 for your daughter/ sister. The cycle is ideal for a minimum of 12 years of age group females with a height of 5.4”.

Q: Which are the most popular cycles under 5 thousand in India?

A: Most popular Cycles under 5 thousand in India are Btwin My Bike Hybrid Cycle at Rs. 5.00 K, Hero Minnie 16T at Rs. 4.46 K, Hero Champion 16T at Rs. 4.48 K. Which are the least expensive Cycles under 5 thousand in India?

Q: What are the famous bicycle models in India?

A: Here some famous bicycle models are provided which suits your needs. 1. Hero Sprint Traveller 26 T Cycle A hero is a renowned company in India that is known for quality cycles and it has been going on for generations. This hero sprint cycle is best for regular use and going for morning rides for weight loss.

Q: Which is the best cycle under 5000 for kids?

A: The Hero Blast 20T is a gearless and a best cycle under 5000. The cycle is ideal for 7 to 9 years old boys. The cycle is the best fit for your child between the height of 3ft 10 inches to 4ft 6 inches. The frame of this cycle is made of steel for durability and the suspension ensures a smooth riding experience.