Lucknow is the capital city of Uttar Pradesh and it has seen great development in recent time. The riverfront has been upgraded and there had been a major change in the infrastructure as well. With time, many hospital chains have entered the city. Today, you will see that amazing changes like Medanta and Apollo has well-established health care in centers in the city. This has led to an improvement in healthcare for the people in the city.

If you need any treatment, it is better to head out to the best hospital in the city because this way, you will get the best possible treatment in the city. It would be easier to diagnose the issue and with the right diagnosis, you will also get the right treatment as per the diagnosis.

If you are not sure about the hospital you should choose then check out the list of best hospitals in Lucknow. We have carefully studied the healthcare industry of Lucknow and compiled this list for you.

Best Hospitals in Lucknow

Here is the list of the best hospitals in Lucknow. Check them out for more details.

1. Medanta Hospital

This is not a hospital but it is a clinic. The aim behind having this clinic is to provide better services to the patient who doesn’t need to visit the hospital for some minor ailments. There are plans to expand this to complete the hospital. This center provides OPD services along with the complete diagnostic services. We will talk about these in detail. The core ethical values behind having this clinic are to provide affordable, ethical and transparent medical services to the patients.

Salient features of the hospital:

  • This clinic has several departments which include cardiology, dental services, and radiology. This provides facilities to the patients which helps them in getting treatment without having to travel to Delhi or Gurgaon.
  • The medicine has facilities for lab tests, X-ray, Ultrasound, ECG, TMT, Stress ECHO, ABP, PFT, Carotid IMT, Holter Monitor and Dental Care
  • This clinic also has a facility to transport the patients via air ambulance

Phone: 522 4257900, 9910088800

Address: B-25, Ashok Marg, Sikanderbagh Chauraha, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

2. Apollo Hospital

Apollo Hospitals entered Lucknow a few years ago and since then it has been one of the best cities in Lucknow. The hospital has over 300 beds and it is a super specialty institute that offers all types of care to the patient. You can get almost every service under 1 roof. Getting into details, the hospital is spread across 3,50,000 sq. feet of area which hosts various departments to treat the patients in the region.

Salient features of the hospital:

  • The hospital has a total of 330 beds and 110 beds in the ICU to provide critical care to the patients. There are also 12 modular OTs in the hospital which caters to the need for different procedures.
  • The hospital also has a bi-plane Cath lab and the lab helps in managing the brain strokes as well. there is a whole department dedicated to this
  • The hospital is known for the best cancer care in the region and there is also an amazing cardiac emergency management program which runs across the hospital
  • Apart from these facilities, the hospital also has a department that takes care of transplants across the city.

Phone: +91-522 67 88 888

Address: Plot no. KBC, 31, Kanpur – Lucknow Rd, Sector B, Bargawan, LDA Colony, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226012


SGPGI is known as the Sanjay Gandhi Postgraduate Institute of Medical Science and there is an SGPGI Hospital on this campus. The hospital majorly works on a referral system but there most of the times, the hospital accepts the patients without the referral slip as well.

This is a state-run hospital that is owned by the government of India. You can take an appointment by calling the numbers listed below or you can visit the hospital directly in case of an emergency. The cost of the treatment is very low as well.

Salient features of the hospital:

  • The cost of medical services is very low. The hospital offers treatment, investigation, medication and all such services at just 10% to 25% of the total cost which patients would incur while getting treatment outside.
  • The hospital has all types of departments which provides may be required by the patients. The hospital offers care in oncology, cardiology, transplant, neurology, and all such treatments.

Phone: 0522 266 8700

Address: Raebareli Rd, Haibat Mau Mawaiya, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226014

4. Mayo Hospital

Next on the list is Mayo Hospital and it is also known to be one of the best hospitals in the city. The hospital is known for its patient-friendly approach and patient support services. It is certainly known for quality services which are in different departments. You can check out the treatment plan offered by the hospital and you will find the treatment for every need.

Salient features of the hospital:

  • The hospital offers obstetrics and gynecology services, orthopedics services, pediatrics services, ophthalmology, ENT services, Surgeries, Dermatology Services, Psychiatry services, pulmonary medicine, dentistry, Neurology, Nephrology and all other types of services.
  • The hospital also has a burn department which is actually hard to find in many hospitals. This is the major advantage of Mayo Medical Centre
  • The hospital also has all other critical treatment services like joint replacement and cancer care.

Phone: 0522 2398614-15, 0522 2302269


5. RML Hospital

This is yet another Government hospital in our list and it is popularly known as Ram Manohar Lohia Institute of Medical Science. The hospital focuses on quality medical care as that had been missing in the region for a long time. Another important point is that the RML hospital provides all the care at a very affordable cost since it is owned and managed by the government.

Salient features of the hospital:

  • The hospital has a very well reputed in-patient and out-patient department which is also having a total bed capacity of 350 beds.
  • The hospital specializes in cancer care and it has special neuroscience, radiology, surgical oncology, cardiology, and nephrology units which are best in the city.
  • The hospital has all the advanced equipment that is required to take care of the patient in the best possible way.

Phone: 0522-6692000, 6692001

Address: Vibhuti Khand, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow – 226010

6. Sahara Hospital

This is the last hospital in our list and this hospital also provides good quality healthcare to the patients. The hospital ensures that there is a new technology used to treat the patients and there all types of facilities available in the hospital. The total capacity of the hospital is 378 and it can be expanded to 554 in case of any emergency. As of today, the hospital offers 52 different specialties to the patients.

Salient features of the hospital:

  • The hospital provides 52 different specialties to the patients which includes everything includes cardiology, neurology, oncology, gastro medicine, nephrology, minimally invasive surgery, panchakarma, and all other possible services.
  • The hospital has advanced OTs and advanced Cath labs to help patients in speeding the recovery.

Phone: 0522-6780001, 0522-6780001

Address: Gomti Nagar, Lucknow,U.P.

These are the best hospitals in Lucknow. For more information, refer to the websites of these hospitals.