Nursing mothers are the ones who breast feed their babies just after their pregnancy. Babies at this stage gather all the nutrients from their mother’s milk and hence it is very important forthe mother to have proper food which is what turns as nutrients to the baby. Green leaves, vegetables are most important part of the mother’s diet and the baby can actually feel the difference when the mother changes her diet.

Breast feeding is a natural process we see in the mammals. The mother and the baby most the times have the instinct of this breast feeding and they naturally get into the routine. As mentioned, it is the diet of the mother that decides what types of nutrients are available for the baby.

When the mother’s mammary glands produce milk, it is called lactation. Based on the regularity of the breastfeed and the hormone “prolactin” the production of the milk is determined. Sometimes due to various reasons there would be over production of the milk.

Most common reason maybe the baby is not drinking the milk adequately or also the hormonal changes can cause excessive amount of milk.

Due to this excessive milk production there are chances of leakages and sometime in high quantities. This can be an embarrassment for the mother in the public as it will wet the clothes that are on. Also, there could be severe chances of infection due to accumulation contents on the clothes near the breasts.

Best Buy Breast Pads Online In India

Due to various such reasons stated above there is introduction of breast pads which can actually be of good use. The below list is the best of such pads that are available for the nursing mothers. Hoping that we will be able to guide you well in your buying process.

1. Pigeon Breast Pads Honeycomb

Pigeon Breast Pads Honeycomb

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As mentioned earlier the breast feeding is the most important part of the baby’s first few diets and that solely depends on the mother’s diet. Now in case of excessive lactation in few mothers due to various reasons to avoid the embarrassment in front of others Pigeon have come up with these unique breast pads that avoid the leakage of excessive lactation. This pad is gentle on the skin as they are also being fed by the babies.

The baby’s health is very important as they are not as immune to infection as the adults. Hence it is essential for these pads to be hygiene enough as the babies gets fed by the mother’s breast. The package of these pads also provides details of how these pads should be unpacked and used.

The inner of the pad is honeycomb shaped texture. This makes the feeling on the skin to be a smooth one. This particular comes with 12 pieces in a box. It is in a round shape and its design makes it fit easily into the garment. As its thickness is not too much it does not show up through the clothing.

The mothers need not fear of the pad slipping as there is adhesive also provided which holds the pad firmly to the clothing. The outer membrane is also made of breathable material due to which the skin is kept dry and cool.

2. MeeMeeUltra Thin Super Absorbent Disposable Nursing Breast Pads

MeeMee Breast Pads

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The ones we are talking about now is the disposable nursing pads which are unique in itself. These pads are of quilted honey comb texture which really helps to be gentle on the sensitive skin over the breasts. To make it more differentiating it comes in regular and ultra-thin style. The ultra-thin style makes sure it does not show over the clothing and making it less visible.

Company claims to have designed this to be useful during the late pregnancy stage and also after the pregnancy. The material used is very soft giving a gentle feel on the skin and also to avoid any rashes or scratches to that area. It also has two adhesive area which can be used to stick it onto the skin so that it does not move under the clothing.

The ultrathin although thin is made of dual layers which can absorbs good amount of milk keeping the area dry and cool. The material used is also breathable one which makes it easy for the air flow to keep it dry. The package is also good enough and each pad comes separately packed within the box.

3. Trumom Anti-Bacterial Honeycomb Disposable Nursing Breast Pads

Trumom Breast Pads

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This one is again unique in itself as it has a patented Leak guards which makes sure the milk does not leak even from the pad if the leakage from the breasts is also excess. The pad is made from quilted honeycomb texture which gives a very good gentle feeling to the breasts it covers.

It can absorb water up to 30 times more than other brands of the pads. This leak guards are what makes this possible. Once the milk is absorbed it does not get into the clothes that are on. This is what makes this product a unique one and this is what the company have patented.

These ads are ultra-thin also to make non visible through the clothes. It has adhesive and that too double making it immovable. On the health part of it, it is anti-bacterial making it also safe. You know the baby feeds from here and hence keeping it hygiene is very important. It is also BPA free.

Each pad is individually packed to make it more hygiene. Due to its power to absorb more liquid it gives a very good service through out the night. Due to all these reasons it keep the skin dry.

4. LuvLapUltra Thin Disposable Breast Pads

LuvLapUltra Thin Disposable Breast Pads

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This ultra-thin pad is made of super thin material and is super absorbent. This is best to have pads for leakage of milk as it is good at absorbing the milk from the breasts. The surface is made from the water proof material and is also breathable.

That means that the clothing does not get any wet. And when I say clothing these pads are so thin that it is not visible through the clothes. This makes one of the other features that saves the mother from any embarrassment.

The skin on the breasts are very sensitive and hence the quality of the pads are maintained so well that you would not find any rashes. Hence, they have made these pads very comfortable for the use. It has a protective groove symmetrical which provides additional comfort for the pads.

The pads also come with the 2 adhesives that can be removed and this makes sure the pad sticks on to the required place making it immovable. These pads are individually wrapped, making it very safe to be used by the mothers. The 3D design enables the pad to stick on to the skin along with the natural contour.

5. Ahc Washable Maternity Nursing Breast Pads

Ahc Washable Maternity Nursing Breast Pads

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These are another version of the breast pads that are now “washable” making it reusable. Now that is something any mother would be looking for. Instead of disposing after every use. But suggested to be washed with care. The inner layer of this is laced with a fleece cloth making it very gentle and soft.

Each of these pads comes in a netted pack. This is super absorbent as per the company’s claim. As this is washable and hence reusable, some mothers found that only one package was sufficient for the whole pregnancy. Now that’s something worth trying.

The material it is made from is anti-bacterial, meaning it will not cause any infection after repeated usage also. The material it made from is also leak proof, which means your clothing does not get wet. The material is also made from breathable material which will allow air flow keeping it dry and cool avoiding any infection.

The drier the more confident you feel and also away from any embarrassment. It is easy to wash and the material it is made from does not spoil the shape of the pads. This pack comes in 6 pieces each.

6. U-Grow Disposable Breast Pads

U-Grow Disposable Breast Pads

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U-Grow are the disposable breast pads which are packed so well. Each pad is wrapped individually making sure it does not get mixed up or dirty. The pad is made with super absorbent material. Which means you need not worry of the leakage from the pad itself.

It also makes sure the area is kept dry making it impossible to have any infection or rashes due to dampness. The shape of the pad is also in 3D which means it fits with the natural contour. The top layer is water proof making sure the dampness does not come out making your clothing wet.

As a mother you know the baby in your hands and you tend to move around a lot. If you fear the pad moves around making it uncomfortable for you then you need not fear. There are adhesives to the pad which sticks onto the skin making it immovable.

The layer that absorbs the milk is made of polymer layer which ensures no leak back happens. The outer mater keeps the pad and the skin dry as it has breathable material and hence air flow is possible. U-Grow in itself is a trusted European brand which is an expert in products of child care and specifically the new born.

7. Farlin Disposable Breast Pads

Farlin Disposable Breast Pads

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These pads from Farlin is made of ultrathin material. These pads do not look through the clothing you are wearing and hence this gives the mother more confidence to use it. Like most of the pads even this has a 3D design contour which fits in with the shape of the breasts making it easy fit and difficult to move.

The package comes with the unpacking the pad instructions to show the new mothers how to use it. There are adhesives in place which are protected by the stickers on it. These stickers are to be removed before placing them in the place so that the pads stick onto the skin and making it difficult to move around when the clothing moves.

The mother need not keep checking if the pad has moved.

The material used gives a soft silky feel and it is also light and breathable material. The material is also good on the skin. It keeps the skin away from any infection or rashes. With the breathable material in place it also keeps the area dry making it comfortable for the mother.

Dampness would always cause itchiness which is avoided here. Dampness is absent due to the strong absorbing power of the pads due to multilayers of these materials.

8. Pink Flamingo Women’s Cotton Maternity Pads

Pink Flamingo Women's Cotton Maternity Pads

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Pink Flamingo is a cotton based maternity pads that are designed to fit in inline with the contours of the breasts. It is designed well to be as gentle as possible as it is made of cotton. If in the covered area if it is too damp it might cause bacteria and in turn infection.

Now, this pad makes sure all these things are avoided. The natural cotton pulp absorbs all the milk to keep the area dry and clean and also the air flow keeps the area cool. This will avoid any irritation to the mother and always the need to check if the area is damp or not. It also fits in so well that it does not move around. Additional adhesives could have helped which is missing.

This is a reusable one which means you can wash and use it again. Make sure it is washed with some disinfectant to keep it fresh and away from any microbes. This is a 10 cms one and can fit to most of the mothers.

9. Upscale Disposable Nursing Pads

Upscale Disposable Nursing Pads

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These set of 50 pads in a pack comes in white colour. These are disposable maternity pads that are good for keeping the dampness away. These comes in various features and we will discuss on them as we move forward. The pad is made of layers and each layer having its own specificity.

The layer near to the skin is soft and makes sure it gives best and gentle feel to the mother using it. It avoids any rashes also. The second layer is mainly the absorbent layer which absorbs the milk and does not let it out. This is laced with one-way moisture technology where once the wetness is absorbed it does not let it out.

The last layer is a water proof material which does not allow any wetness to reach the clothing. All these layers are breathable keeping it dry and cool for the mother.

The layer that is touching the skin is made of honey comb layer for keeping the skin dry. It is also soft and very gently. Although it is not woven material it does not peel off. The size of this is also a standard one and fits most of the mothers.

10. SanNap Disposable Breast Pads

SanNap Disposable Breast Pads

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SanNap Breast pads comes in packs of 12,24 and 36 pieces per pack. These are the disposable pads which are thin and hence are discreet enough when used. The material is as soft as cotton and has breathable layer. The softness gives the skin protection and avoids any rashes and scratches.

Breathable material keeps the area dry and cool. The pads are also contour shaped to make sure it fits in well and does not show off on the clothing. This avoids any discomfort for the mother using it. It also is discreet when worn. To hold the pad in place there are adhesives in place that sticks on to the skin avoiding any movement.

The main feature is the quick absorbent and being leak proof. This also keeps the skin dry and whenever there is an excess leakage of milk it is locked off within this layer. As there are multiple layers in place it also gives night long protection and maintains the dryness. It also keeps the skin away from any bacterial infection which are usually caused due to dampness.

The package is also well done and it has the directions for use on the box itself making it easy for the new mothers to use it. The product is also approved by FDA.

How to Choose The Good Quality Breast Pads

Now that we have seen a bunch of these products let us see what are the main features that is important for you to look into while buying them. Let us try and breakdown these features making it easy for you to chose the best feature that is required.


The pad that you choose need to be very soft and gentle on the skin as this is an area with very sensitive skin. Any rashes here would cause lot of pain and also when the baby feeds the mother has to bear the pain or the itching. If that increases then it is difficult to feed the baby.

Good moisture Absorbent

The pads are all laced with absorbents so that they absorb all the milk that drips so that the area is kept dry and all dampness removed. Now some pads have a single layer of absorbent and some multiple. Multiple layered ones can be a little thicker but some brands have also managed to retain the pads to stay thin even in case of multiple layers. So keep that in mind and read through the package before buying it.


Each mother lactates differently and not all mothers’ mammary glands may leak. So, it is good to understand this while buying the pads. If you think the disposable is unnecessary waste of money then advisable to go for washable ones. One set can be used for the whole pregnancy.

However, the dryness can be best met in the disposable one. As there are absorbents in the disposable one it makes sure the wetness once trapped does not go out.

Other features

Other features can include the brand itself. The best brand that has years of expertise can do well than the newer ones. However, rad through the reviews of other mothers so that you know you are giving the best shot. Other things can also include the size of the pad. If the size of the pad is too small for the mother, then the mother can choose a different brand.

Some comes with varied sizes and some comes in standard size. You can also look for feature like how thin is the pad but that’s also co-related with the feature like how many layers are available.


The mother has to be very careful while choosing the pads for herself. But as this is not something that can be predicted in the first pregnancy advisable that the mother keeps this in mind while choosing in the second and subsequent ones if any. This was an honest content to make sure the mothers understand the way choosing the pads for themselves. Hoping this served the purpose.