If you appreciate music and the quality of sound, you most certainly know that sound quality is mainly determined by the quality of your listening equipment, a.k.a. quality earphones or headphones.

You may also be well aware of the fact that in the majority of cases, quality goes hand in hand with high prices and not so affordable earphones, which is why we have compilated a list of best wireless earphones in India for the budget of 1000 or under 1000 rupees.

On our list, quality is not solely described by the price as we are set to find a perfect match in quality for low prices.

1. Freesolo 56S Sports Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

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Freesolo brand offers a palette of high-quality wireless headphones and earphones at low prices, while you can get one of your own Freesolo sports earphones for under 1000 rupees. The product comes with a smooth and ergonomic design with a fit firm and anti-fall-out feature to keep the ear pods in place and the usage of these headphones comfortable.

The product also has a quick charge feature, and is sweat-proof and splash-proof, making an ideal choice for people who like to listen to music and audio while on the run and outdoors. Hands-free calling is enabled, while you will most certainly be thrilled with crisp and clean high stereo sound.

The multifunctional button enables easy-to-use and universal control for changing tunes, browsing through your playlists, and answer and reject calls.

2. Zoook Rocker Soulmate Wireless Earphones

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Zoook is one of the top choices for the budget under 1000 rupees as users are getting more quality than they are paying for. Simple design contributes to the overall attractiveness of the product, in addition to having an anti-fall-out design that prevents ear pods from being displacing as you are on the move.

The earphones are operating on the latest version of Bluetooth, so the product is not compatible with devices operating on versions lower than 4.0. Zoook Rocker Soulmate is designed to be splash-proof for additional functionality points and protection against product damage.

Users are also eligible for getting a one-year warranty on these earphones.

3. SoundMagic ES20BT Bluetooth Stereo Earphones

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SoundMagic Bluetooth earphones have a robust design with a metal-constructed ear pod base for prolonged life and increased resistance to potential damage. In opposition to a robust design, ear pods are soft on the other end for comfortable use.

The product has a distinctive finish and design and comes with compatibility to Bluetooth version 4.1, which means that you need to make sure that compatible devices are also running on the same version. Devices with older versions of the Bluetooth system won’t be able to connect to earphones.

The sound quality is HD, clear and crisp, while the product comes with a mic and can be used or hands-free calls. Smart control integration enables easy navigation.

4. TAGG Impulse Wireless Bluetooth Earphone

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TAGG Impulse earphones are designed to provide users with maximal functionality and accessibility of controls, making the overall usage of this product simple and rewarding.

Ear pods are designed in a way to allow attaching the pods so users can wear their earphones around their neck for easy accessibility and without the fear of having them slip, fall and get lost. TAGG earphones have a lightweight design and enable strong connectivity via the latest version of Bluetooth.

Earphones operate on version 4.1 and cannot be connected to devices with older Bluetooth versions. Battery durability enables 5 hours of continuous usage, in addition to having a one-year warranty.

5. BasX Trubeats Bluetooth EarHook Earphones

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Earbuds on the BasX Trubeats model are specially designed to make a perfect fit without falling out in addition to being sweat-proof. The product is specifically designed to withstand outdoor usage so these earphones are suitable for jogging, running, gym workout, cycling and other similar activities.

BasX is also easily stored and designed to prevent tangles, allowing users to wear these earphones around their neck for increased accessibility. There is a built-in mic with hands-free calls enabled through its design.

The earphones are made to be able to filter the noise out, that way providing a smooth and crisp sound experience.

6. Leaf Sports Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

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Leaf Sports brand offers a smooth and sleek design of wireless earphones with both channels perfectly balanced to provide clear high-quality sound.

Ear hooks provide a pro-sport design preventing ear pods from falling out and keeping the earphones fixated. The earphones have a lithium-based rechargeable battery which enables 6 hours of active and continuous usage. The battery life has 200 hours in inactive mode.

Nano-coating technology used in designing the ear pods has a purpose of providing an ergonomic design with comfortable usage. Customer support is available for buyers.

7. Alexly TF3 Neckband Bluetooth Earphones

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Alexly earphones come with a possibility for inserting Micro SD card so you can listen to audio and music even without a connected device. The product uses a polymer-based rechargeable battery for prolonged battery life.

Within only 2 hours of charging the product, users are getting 200 hours in inactive mode and from 6 to 8 hours of continuous playing depending on the volume level. Noise reduction technology provides a clear and crisp HD audio quality.

Earphones have a magnetic design and are wearable around the neck for increased accessibility, in addition to being lightweight. The product is compatible with devices running 4.2 versions of the Bluetooth system.

8. JOKIN Sports Wireless Bluetooth Headphone

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JOKIN Sports is offered at a price far lower than 1000 rupees that perhaps makes this product one of the most affordable choices on our top list of best Bluetooth earphones in India. The product arrives with an ergonomic and user-friendly design to prevent earbuds from falling out while allowing you to wear your earphones around the neck.

With easy accessibility, there also comes easy connectivity as these earphones are compatible with all devices running on version 4.2.

Compare our top choices and decide which of the listed products would make a perfect fit for high-quality audio and your personalized needs and preferences.