There are people who can`t even go to the nearest store without their headphones. The market is full of different kinds of earphones with numerous features and various quality which depends on Sound, Brand, Bass, and more.

The price range is wide, and in this article, we are going to present to you some of the best earphones that you can buy for less than 500 Indian rupees.

Best Earphones Under 500 Rupees with Mic

1. Xiaomi MI

6 Earphones Under 500 Rupees with Mic 2019


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Xiaomi is a popular brand which makes smartphones and gadgets, they are known for the great quality of their products, and reasonable price. The basic wired headset from Xiaomi offers you clear sound with decent bass quality. There is also an inbuilt Mic.

These earphones are comfortable to the ear. The length of the cable is 1.25 meters. The only missing thing is a control button. The price is 390 Indian rupees.

2. Jogger QY7

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Jogger earphones are with Bluetooth. And many people say that these are the best for the price, which is less than 500 rupees. These earphones include control buttons, a microphone, and they are very comfortable.

The battery can last up to 5 hours while playing the music. The only thing that can be improved is the low bass. The price is 340 Indian rupees.

3. Sound One 616

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These earphones have an attractive and unique design. The length of the cable is 1.2 meters. There are a built-in microphone and a call receive button. Missing parts are volume control buttons, and the quality of sound should be better.

With Sound One, everything is about the design and comfort, so the price of 500 Indian rupees is not much if you prefer design over quality.

4. Philips IN-SHE

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Phillips is a well-known brand, especially for headphones, mics, speakers, and other sound equipment. The best part of these earphones is the sound quality, which is amazing. There is also a built-in microphone and a control button.

The length of the cable is 1.2 meters. The warranty lasts for only 6 months. The price is 490 Indian rupees.

5. SoundMagic

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This Chinese company is one of the best earphone producers with decent prices. Their earphones are known as ones with the best quality. There is also a built-in microphone. These earphones are comfortable, and the only missing thing is control buttons.

The length of the cable is 1.2 meters. The price of these earphones is 500 Indian rupees.

6. Portronics

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Portronics is a brand from India. They are known for making well-designed earphones, with decent quality. These 1.2 meter long earphones have Loud and Clear quality of sound, microphone, volume control buttons, call button, and they are comfortable in the ear.

The price is low for earphones of this quality. The only thing that should improve is the quality of the bass. It should be deeper. The price of these earphones is 340 Indian rupees.